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Tongue Facebook Emoticon

Tongue emoticon for facebook
Shortcut code: :P

Sticking tongue out. This is a common emoticon for conveying humor or being cute, usually added at the end of a sentence to make things more fun. This emoticon has 5 unique shortcuts in facebook chat, and you do not need to capitalize the letter P. Inclusion of the nose character is optional as well. There is also a variation that uses the equal sign: =P. The net is one of the only places where it's perfectly fine to randomly stick your tongue out, so use this emote as much as you like!

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User comments (9)

Anonymous said:01 Jul '16

:P Cute tongue emojis

Anonymous said:18 May '15

Why limit it to the net?:P

Indie said:10 May '15

How cool is this new FB tongue emoji!

RAHUL said:09 Jun '14

: P hello nice work. keep it on

Tariq sidd said:11 Feb '14

There is no emoji for "Yummy".

Boruah said:06 Jan '14

Superb site for fb tricks

Anonymous said:27 Nov '13

:p that's all folks.................

Anonymous said:24 Mar '13


Anonymous said:21 Oct '12

=P thats all folks!.........

Details for tongue

Suggested shortcut: :P
Tags: Tongue, Cheeky
Filename: tongue.png

  • The Tongue emoticon is Static
  • Tongue icon file size: 684 Bytes (684)

Its a PNG image measuring 16 by 16 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Tongue

To use the Tongue icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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