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Horror Emoticons

If you'd like to get some frightening smileys to scare someone off, tease your buddies or celebrate Halloween with some creepy and terrifying emoticons and smileys then you might want to browse through our Horror Smileys gallery where you can find the best horror shock graphics and animations for your purpose, all gathered in one place.

scary clowns smiley
Scary Clowns
look of horror smiley
Look of Horror
nervous smiley
cigar smiley
scared and sweating smiley
Scared and sweating
scared smiley smiley
Scared Smiley
ghost smiley
hanging smiley
smiley vampire smiley
Smiley vampire
zombie smiley
best devil smiley
Best Devil
nervy guy smiley
Nervy Guy
green monster waving smiley
Green Monster Waving
screaming smiley
smiley spider smiley
Smiley spider
halloween ghost smiley
Halloween Ghost
very nervous smiley
Very Nervous
really scary zombie smiley smiley
Really Scary Zombie Smiley
upset smiley smiley
Upset Smiley
zombie hand smiley
Zombie hand
evil smiley smiley
Evil Smiley
scared ghost smiley
Scared Ghost
angry skull face smiley
Angry Skull Face
scary smiley screaming smiley
Scary Smiley Screaming
zombie vampire smiley
Zombie Vampire
bite me smiley
Bite Me
halloween rip smiley
Halloween RIP
scared smiley
horror movies smiley
Horror Movies
creepy zombie smiley
Creepy Zombie
gollum screaming smiley
Gollum Screaming
chainsaw smiley
panicking smiley
nervous prayer smiley
Nervous prayer
i can't look! smiley
I Can't Look!
hairy spider smiley
Hairy Spider
scared smiley
trick or treat smiley
Trick or Treat
throat slash smiley
Throat Slash
screaming zombie smiley
Screaming Zombie
a really scary smiley
A Really Scary
scary face guy smiley
Scary Face Guy
dracula smiley face smiley
Dracula Smiley Face
scared alien monster smiley
Scared Alien Monster
scary spider smiley
Scary Spider
devil smiley face smiley
Devil Smiley Face
girl with 4 eyes smiley
Girl with 4 eyes
wolf smiley
vampire in casket smiley
Vampire in casket
scary mask smiley
Scary mask
funny ghost says no smiley
Funny Ghost Says NO
creepy hulk smiley
Creepy Hulk
scary tongue smiley
Scary Tongue
bloody zombie smiley
Bloody Zombie
panic smiley
scary baby smiley
Scary Baby
zombie hands waving bye smiley
Zombie Hands Waving Bye
scary devil smiley smiley
Scary Devil Smiley
freaked out smiley
Freaked Out
sword suicide smiley
Sword Suicide
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Recent Comments:

I'm digging holes to hide in. Frightened.

in scared and... on 22 Jul, 2017

Suicide emojis are depressing to me...

in hanging on 21 Jul, 2017

Love to see a glitter devil emoji here. Thank you.

in fanged devil on 16 Jul, 2017

Addition of devil egg emojis will be highly appreciated.

in evil smiley on 16 Jul, 2017

This one is a very cute crow emoji. Like!

in scared crow on 15 Jul, 2017

Horror Smileys

Let's have a look at a few scary and horror text emoticons and smileys for your Facebook, iPhone, Skype, messengers, email, etc. You need to tilt your head to the left to see them:

:O   `:O     `:-O   >:O  >:-O   8-O   `8-O

To see the following smileys properly you have to tilt your head to the right:

D-:   D:   D; 		Look of horror

Eastern style smiley face emoticons are those which don't require you to tilt your head to any side, you can look straight at them and they are usually very clearly recognizable:

O.o	0.o		o.O	 O_o	 0_o 		Horror face

If you're looking for some big images or large previews, check out these links to the pictures:

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