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MSN Messenger 8.0 is now Windows Live Messenger 8.0!

In October 2005 Microsoft announced that MSN Messenger 8.0 would be renamed to Windows Live Messenger 8.0. This is due to Microsoft re-branding its software and services in to the "Windows Live" division and MSN as the content division. So MSN Messenger 8.0 will be released as Windows Live Messenger 8.0 (WLM 8.0 for short). The Butterfly logo will also retire in the Messenger 8.0 rebranding. A WLM/MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA is expected in December 2005.

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New features in WLM/MSN Messenger 8.0

The beloved MSN 8.0 contains many new features! Here is a quick overview of the MSN Messenger 8.0 features:

  • All new design - MSN Messenger 8.0 introduces an all new interface!
  • Shared Folders - Messenger 8.0 allows you to share files with MSN 8.0 contacts!
  • Unified Contacts - MSN 8.0 manages all your Messenger and non-Messenger contacts from a single app!

Download MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA

The MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA is now completely open to the public, so everyone can download MSN 8.0! To get started, read our article on Downloading MSN 8.0!

The Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA) is currently only available for download to official BETA testers so not everyone can download MSN 8.0 BETA! The final version (after the MSN 8.0 BETTA) will be free to download.

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