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Animated Emoticons

Animated Emoticons for MSN and Live Messenger

You can now download lots of cool new animated emoticons! These animated smileys are extremely easy to install using our software and you'll have your brand new emoticons installed into MSN/Live Messenger and ready to use in a matter of seconds! Check out the available packs of MSN Animations and free animated MSN emotions! For the absolute latest icons and smileys, check the free emoticons section, enjoy the free smileys!

Free MSN Smileys and MSN Icons! Download free smileys and Icons for MSN Messenger
Click Here to download Free MSN Smileys!

Super Yellow Animated MSN Emoticons Pack 1

Free Animated MSN Emoticons and MSN Icons pack for MSN 7!

Free Animated MSN Emoticons Pack 2 - Lots of MSN Smileys for free!

Second pack of Super Yellow Animated Emoticons for MSN 7 and 7.5!

Download Animated MSN Emoticons Pack 3

Even more animated emoticons & smileys for MSN Messenger 7!

One-Eyed Animated Emoticons for MSN 7
One-Eyed Animated Emoticons and Smiley Face Animated Emoticons MSN 7 Animated Emoticons
This pack contains some great animated emoticons for MSN Messenger 7!
Click Here To Install One-Eyed Emoticons!

Animated MSN Emoticons Animated MSN Messenger Emoticons Animated MSN 7 Emoticons
Animated Emoticons # 1
Cool Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger 7!

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More Free animated emoticons for MSN Messenger

Have you ever wanted to use cool, animated emoticons when chatting in MSN Messenger?
You can now get over 10,000 completely animated emoticons, automatically installed!
All sorts of animated emoticons are included, from funny emoticons to lots of cute and pretty animations! Check out these free animated smiley faces!

Animated Emoticons

Not only are the free MSN Emotion Icons and MSN smileys completely compatible with MSN Messenger 6.2, 7.0 and MSN 7.5, you can also use them in your emails and other chat programs including Yahoo Messenger and AIM. So what are you waiting for? Get your free emoticon icons today! The picture below shows you some of the animated smileys that can be used in MSN, click it to download the free MSN Smileys!

Free animated MSN emotions, Smileys and Icons! Click here to download the moving MSN emotions!

The animated smileys are auto-installed for you and can be used in MSN Messenger instantly. These are some of the best animated, moving emoticons in MSN. All of these animated MSN Messenger emoticons and icons are 100% FREE!

Animated Emoticons

MSN Icons and Free MSN Emotions

Free MSN Smileys and MSN Animations
Click here to download Animated MSN Smileys

The animated emoticons and icons for MSN Messenger are brought to you by Smiley Central.
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