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MSN Messenger nicknames are a wonderful way of expressing yourself while chatting on Messenger, by using different types of nicknames (like funny or cool MSN Names). The functionality to set your MSN name to absolutely anything you desire has been one of MSN Messenger's most popular features for years, setting it apart from its main competitors.

In this section of the website, we have a collection of some of the absolute best MSN screen names! They have been selected and organized into different categories of nicknames. A small yet comprehensive guide to MSN nicknames is also available if you require some help. To get started, just click on a category of MSN Names below.

Cool MSN Names

Looking to find yourself some Cool Names? This section has the coolest assorted MSN Messenger screen names for you to choose from and use!
Browse the Cool MSN Names

Funny MSN Names

Lots of Funny MSN Names and Funny MSN Nicknames in this section! Get some of the funniest nicknames for Messenger and have some fun!
View the Funny MSN Names

Love MSN Names

Love MSN Names Lots of cute and adorable MSN Names, all about love! Great MSN Names to express your love.
Spread the love on MSN Messenger, check out the Love MSN Names!

Cute MSN Names

cute MSN Names Many Cute names and charming nicknames for your MSN Messenger!
Go to the Cute MSN Names category!

Nickname Tricks

Ever seen some of your contacts do some cool tricks with their MSN Names? Learn about some tricks you can apply to your MSN Messenger nicknames in this section.
Check out the MSN Messenger nickname tricks

MSN Screen Names guide

A quick reference on using screen names in MSN if you need some help adding/changing Nicknames.
MSN Messenger nickname help
(For both MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger)

Submit your MSN Messenger Names

If you have nicknames for MSN, you can add you MSN Nickname to our collection!
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Cool MSN Names, messenger display names and cool msn nicknames!
MSN Nick Name tricks!
Funny MSN Names, funny nicknames for msn messenger
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