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Girls MSN Names

Girls MSN Names

The Girls MSN Names category includes Names and Nicknames picked for use by girls, we've collected all the cool, cute, and sweet girly names under this section. Enjoy the Girls MSN Names!

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MSN Names for Girls

Here you go girls, lots more cool, sweet, cute, and girly MSN Names and Nicknames. Enjoy these girlie MSN names, and be sure to share your names with us!

  • I'm too much princess for one boy
  • Diamonds are pretty... so are pearls... but they aint got nothing on this baby girl!
  • You mean shopping for more useless crap isn't the meaning of life?!?
  • Don't play the game with girls who can play it better!
  • What does a girl have to do around here to get N.O.T.I.C.E.D !
  • Behind every successful woman is... herself.
  • (L)love is only a chapter in a guy's life, to girls it's the whole book (L)
  • Boys are like bees, they always come and go
  • You might think I'm stoopid, but the doctor says I'm just Blonde
  • A simple girl, living a simple life, in a simple room, thinking of a boy she simply can't forget
  • Buy me this, buy me that, I'm a spoiled little brat... buy me rubys, buy me pearls, I love being daddy's little girl!
  • While She Dreams She's Happy, But When She Awakens She Finds Herself Trapped In The Darkness Of Reality

Cool MSN Names for Girls

Check out the rest of our cool Nicknames and MSN Names for Girls on the next page of MSN Girls Names, or browse the other name categories if these names are too girlish for you! Although these are MSN Screen Names for Girls, they can also be used by boys (which would be very weird!)

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