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Sad Names

Sad Names

This is the Sad Names category where you'll find names, nicknames, quotes and screen names for when you're feeling sad and depressed! Use these sad names to let the world know how you feel and whats depresses you. Enjoy the Sad Names and sad/depressing nicknames for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Sad MSN Names

We all feel sad, down and depressed every now and then, so here are some Sad Names for MSN. Visit our other sad name pages to get more sad nicks.

  • I don't know who my real friends are, and I'm trapped in a world where I have no where to go.
  • The Best Place To Cry Is In The Rain - Where no one will know...
  • Never turn your back on life, because its got a habit of stabbing people.
  • Well, i never saw that coming but i should've started running a long time ago
  • Living in a hazardous waste land, trying fitfully to avoid poison.
  • Shout Out So Loud. Blame this World for the scar left upon my heart.
  • Got nothing to do, nothing to say, feels like my life has been blown away
  • My sadness is vast, filling both my present and past.
  • Living in a dreadful nightmare, doomed never to awake.
  • Waiting sadly for what tomorrow will bring...
  • Living in a conscious hell, grimly seeking heaven.

More Names for MSN

Sad MSN Names can be pretty effective in getting some affection and sympathy from your Messenger contacts, and you can get more sad name ideas right here. If its love that's saddened you, check our Sad Love Names for MSN and Live Messenger. Otherwise, check out more depressing and sad nick names and sayings on the next page!

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