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Depressing Names

Depressing Names

This is the Sad Names category where you'll find names, nicknames, quotes and screen names for when you're feeling sad and depressed! Use these sad names to let the world know how you feel and whats depresses you. Enjoy the Depressing Names and sad/depressing nicknames for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Depressing MSN Names

Here are more Depressing MSN Names for all the depressed masses out there! Enjoy, and don't forget to share your depressing name and nickname collection with us.

  • You left, and took my smile and heart with you...
  • Don't cry for me... I'm already dead...
  • Living in a roaring fire, trying failingly to avoid the flames.
  • How can you walk towards happiness when you've never know a smile when all you know is blood and tears
  • Living a life of misery and hate, I just want to be loved and safe
  • I'm tired of always being what you want me to be
  • People hurt others and don't say sorry, they prod and poke your wounds, until one day you give up all hope
  • Why can't I leave this place, free like a meteor stream? Leave behind the remains, of what used to be my dream
  • All I want, Is to live my dreams, if only for a day... To not hear the screams... if only for a day.
  • Living in the coldest water, trying in vain not to drown.
  • How am I supposed to breathe with the poison you leave in the air?
  • Pain doesn't hurt when its all you've ever felt

More Depressing Names for MSN

Using a sad nickname can sometimes be very depressive for your Messenger contacts, so when the time comes, be sure to give them a laugh with one of our funny names! Visit the next page for even more depressing nicknames and sad sayings. We'll also be adding some depressing Display Pictures soon.

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