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Depressed Names

Depressed Names

This is the Sad Names category where you'll find names, nicknames, quotes and screen names for when you're feeling sad and depressed! Use these sad names to let the world know how you feel and whats depresses you. Enjoy the Depressed Names and sad/depressing nicknames for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Depressed MSN Names

Here are more names for the depressed. Life is just way too short to be sad and depressed, but you asked for more depressing names, so here they are: depressed nicks and display names.

  • You'd rather just watch while I drown, then to get your hands wet.
  • I'm tired of living, why can't I just die? Cuz' in this world, people just live lies
  • I'm not EMO... I just happen to be more depressing than others!
  • Maybe you're going to be the one who saves me...
  • I'd be dying inside, If there was anything left to kill
  • Crying tears, dying of pain, making me sick, as the blackness in my heart gains...
  • I'm a ghost haunting a graveyard of lost memories
  • Words can cut as sharply as any blade, And those words leave scars upon our souls not our skin! :(
  • Tears Of Blood Run Down My Face, Then I Realize I'm Nothing... An Image Of Disgrace.
  • Living in a mine field, trying not to set off the bombs.
  • I cover myself up with a paintbrush, to hide who I truly am, I cover myself up with a paintbrush, cuz I dont want you to see the real me.

More Depressed Names and Sayings for MSN

Wanna cheer up and come out of your depression? Try some of our funny nicknames or funny display pictures! If you feel depressed, these names might only depress you more, so try and cheer up and dont be sad! More sad sayings and nicknames coming really soon.

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