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Love MSN Names

Love MSN Names

This is the Love Names category where you can find Love related names, nicknames, quotes and screen names for MSN! These names are ideal for converying your feelings, and letting a loved one know how you feel about them. Our selection of Love MSN Names and love nicknames for MSN has been carefully assorted and we hope you enjoy it.

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Love Names for MSN

Here's the first set of Love MSN Names.. Enjoy our selection of Love MSN Names, Nicknames, screen names and quotes!

  • Love may be a touch, love may be a word... but for me love is a thing which every one dreams
  • Love is the answer That everyone seeks... Love is the language, that every heart speaks.
  • I'd Rather Spend 1 Minute Holding You... Than A Lifetime Knowing I Never Could.
  • Love is like magic... it still remains one of life's greatest mysteries
  • I am like a butterfly always in the air, always on guard... and in love (L)
  • (L) Love, love, love... whats it there 4? you'll find out... just don't waste it! (L)
  • Love is a moment that lasts forever...
  • love is like power so never let it go, let it grow for life, let it be ur dream come true
  • Love is like a mountain, hard to climb, but once you get to the top, the view is beautiful.
  • It takes a minute to like someone, an hour to love someone, but a lifetime to forget someone
  • Love is like quick sand, the further u fall in the harder it is to get out!
  • Loving him is all I want... not for a moment, but forever.
  • I Miss, Need And Want You.

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