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Cute and Sweet sayings

Cute and Sweet sayings

This is the Love Names category where you can find Love related names, nicknames, quotes and screen names for MSN! These names are ideal for converying your feelings, and letting a loved one know how you feel about them. Our selection of Cute and Sweet sayings and love nicknames for MSN has been carefully assorted and we hope you enjoy it.

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Sweet Love Sayings

As always, we've added more of the sweetest love sayings and nicknames to our Love Names pages. Enjoy the sweet sayings and be sure to tell your friends.

  • When ever your near heart beats faster and faster, your smile overwhelms me with joy.
  • Love is what makes us smile when we're tired!
  • The truth is everyone is gonna hurt u... u just have to decide who's worth the pain...
  • Without Saying A Word You Can Light Up The Dark
  • Love is like clouds, sometimes it opens up letting out the sun and sometimes it comes together forming rain
  • Over a hill, Carved on a rock, three little words... 'forget me NOT!'
  • Are you religious? because you are the answer to all my prayers!
  • I'd rather argue with you than kiss someone else
  • If he charms me and is sweet, then he'll sweep me off my feet.

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