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Heartbroken Names

Heartbroken Names

The names in the heartbroken section are all about heartbreak. Find names, nicknames, quotes and sayings to express your pain, heartbreak and sorrow for when you're heartbroken. Have fun with the Heartbroken Names and heartbreaking quotes for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Heartbroken MSN Names

Welcome to the heartbroken names pages! We know that it can be quite difficult to express the emotional pain of heartbreak with words, but these names and quotes try to put your feelings of heartbrokenness into sayings and screen names that you can use to express yourself.

  • I'm Starting Think The Times We Are Happy Together Aren't Worth The Times I Cry Alone
  • I removed the L from LOVER... now its all OVER!
  • Our love is like a red, red rose that's been eaten by worms
  • A broken heart can hurt, but its the memories that kill you
  • You don't have the key to my heart... I changed the locks.
  • It was never love that broke her heart, it was losing that love that tore her apart.
  • I'm over you, over your smile, over your lips, over your style and over your kiss!
  • She laid her heart and soul right in your hands... you stole her every dream and crushed her plans
  • I love you too much to realize that you are in love with someone else
  • I always fall for that one guy, who is out of reach, but close enough to make it hurt
  • Love can wait till I have time

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Always remember that a broken heart is not irreparable, the pain is not forever. These heartbroken MSN Names can help you express your pain and get some closure. Go to the next page for more sad and depressing heartbroken quotes and names.

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