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Heartbroken Sayings

Heartbroken Sayings

The names in the heartbroken section are all about heartbreak. Find names, nicknames, quotes and sayings to express your pain, heartbreak and sorrow for when you're heartbroken. Have fun with the Heartbroken Sayings and heartbreaking quotes for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Heartbroken Sayings for MSN

Being heartbroken isn't forever, so pull yourself together because, after all, tomorrow is another day! Enjoy these heartbroken sayings for MSN, WLM, AIM, MySpace, Xanga, etc

  • The love I gave you is the love I'll never give again
  • The truth is, we only break our hearts to see what they really mean to us...
  • I'm fading like a broken picture, the color is gone and the brush is broken, all I need is someone to color me in, like u used to
  • How can you love someone, if you don't love yourself?
  • Lets play a game, You rip out my heart and we will watch it stop beating
  • *He* (never) -noticed- >her< u/n/t/i/l {she} w.a.s [gone]
  • No amount of medication could ever heal the ache of a broken heart.
  • Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go
  • I Thought It Was Tru, But It Didnt Work, I Let Myself Fall Apart. Nothings Tru - Nothings Right. I Know We Did, I Started A Fight
  • (U):'( Nothing ever seems to be as perfect after your heart get broken and you realize the truth was all lies :'((U)
  • I loved you once, but I can never forget you... you left a scar upon my heart

Heartbroken Display Names

Having your heart broken is natural, it's part of being a person, a part of life. you gotta roll with the punches and move on. Wanna cheer up? You can try reading our Funny Sayings for a start!

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