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Heartbroken Quotes

Heartbroken Quotes

The names in the heartbroken section are all about heartbreak. Find names, nicknames, quotes and sayings to express your pain, heartbreak and sorrow for when you're heartbroken. Have fun with the Heartbroken Quotes and heartbreaking quotes for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Heartbroken quotes for MSN

More really sad and depressing heartbroken quotes! Just remember, being heartbroken is not the end of the world! You'll recover from your heartbrokenness, all it takes is a little time.

  • First we were friends, Then we were lovers, but now we act as if we don't know each other :(
  • Too many tears have run down her cheek, too many times her heart broken, too many scars lie upon her wrists yet she keeps smiling
  • I'm used to being lonely, its the only thing I can rely on these days.
  • (u) You say you love me, you say you care, but know I whenever I need you, you're not there (u)
  • What becomes of the broken hearted, who had a love that has now departed...
  • Love is like a fairytale... u live it for a while and then the book just has to end
  • A lover without indiscretion is no lover at all.
  • He Took My Smile With Him When He Left.
  • The journey with you was well worth the fall.
  • You made me fall in love with you... and then ditched me at the first sign of commitment
  • Don't leave me holding on, to something that's already gone

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Of the many human emotions, feeling heartbroken is very hard to describe, it feels like you're left with a constant residual heartache. We hope that these sad, poetic and depressing heartbroken quotes can help you describe and express the pain and sadness that you feel deep inside.

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