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Heartbreak Quotes

Heartbreak Quotes

The names in the heartbroken section are all about heartbreak. Find names, nicknames, quotes and sayings to express your pain, heartbreak and sorrow for when you're heartbroken. Have fun with the Heartbreak Quotes and heartbreaking quotes for MSN & Live Messenger.

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Heartbreak Quotes for MSN

More sad quotes about heartbreak. Remember that you're not alone in your heartbreak, most people have been or will be there at some point in their lives and many of these heartbreak quotes have come from such people who managed to move on and recover from their heartbreak.

  • U hurt me once, u did it again, how can I still love u, when u put me thru this pain?
  • Love is like a roller-coaster it goes faster at one point and slower at the other but I'm just glad its over.
  • If my heart starts breaking, and my world falls apart, I know its just because, you went and broke my heart (U)
  • All she ever wanted from him was his love but all he ever gave her was heartbreak.
  • I wish that I never left u, cause ur the one for me.
  • Never forget me, forget me never, but if you forget me, forget me forever
  • Take a wild stab in the dark and you'll soon realize I LOVE YOU(L) But cant you see your breaking my heart?
  • I dont run from you, I walk away slowly and it kills me because you dont care enough to stop me
  • I felt he loved me, and I went crazy about it but soon enough I found out that he never loved me, I was the one in love with him
  • I need a repair man to repair this broken heart!
  • What happens when hes your PRICE CHARMING but you're not his CINDERELLA...
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, Garbage is dumped, Just like you!

Love and Heartbreak Quotes

You might think that there is no love for you in this world, but the pain and heartbreak is not forever. Those feelings of anger, hate, depression and rejection will fade away with time and your life will be back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy these heartbreak quotes. We'll be updating this section regularly with more cute heartbreak love quotes for girls, boys, teenagers and just about everybody else!

If you've got your own heartbreak quote, send it to us. Stay tuned for some brand new heartbreak and heartbroken icons, pics and emoticons.

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