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EZ Emoticons - Awesome Emoticon add-on for MSN Messenger 6 and 7! CE/DP Stealer - Steal Emoticons and Display Pictures from your MSN Contacts! NEW animated emoticons for MSN Messenger! Funny Display Pictures for MSN Messenger!

MSN Display Pictures: New CE/DP Stealer 6.0 for Messenger released
MSN Display Pictures

CE/DP Stealer, the original tool for stealing Messenger Display Pictures, Emoticons and more from your contacts has been updated to version 6.0!

The Stealer works with all versions of MSN and Live Messenger (including 8.5)!

CEDP Stealer supports 11 languages!CEDP Stealer 6.0 - Steal Live Messenger Pictures, MSN Icons plus more!CEDP Stealer 6 adds three new languages
Download CE/DP Stealer 6.0
Download CE/DP Stealer to start robbing your Messenger contacts!

Find out what's new in this brand new version!

Posted on Thursday, January 25 @ 11:57:59 UTC (135630 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: EZ Emoticons: Emoticon add-on for MSN Messenger 6 and 7
MSN Emoticons

EZ Emoticons, the popular MSN Messenger Emoticon add-on that allows you to use all your MSN Emoticons without remembering shortcuts, is now back and better than ever before! It now completely supports MSN Messenger 7 and MSN 7.5, including Animated Emoticons and Large emoticons and much more!

EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger 6 & 7 - Use your emoticons, MSN Icons, MSN Smileys and MSN Emotions without remembering shortcuts! - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW!
Click here to download

Click here to view a full screenshot.

Installing and using EZ Emoticons is effortless, you'll have it up and running to use with all your MSN Emoticons, Smileys and MSN Icons in a matter of minutes!

For a full list of features and what's new in this release, visit the EZ Emoticons Page, or download some Free MSN Icons.

Download EZ Emoticons 3.0!
Click Here to download EZ Emoticons for MSN Messenger 6 and 7!

Posted on Saturday, April 16 @ 02:50:51 UTC (360674 reads)
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MSN Display Pictures: Mood II Free MSN Display Pictures
MSN Display Pictures

The brand new Mood II MSN Display Pictures set has been released! This is sequel to the extremely popular, original Mood MSN display picture pack for MSN Messenger.

MSN Display Pictures Mood MSN Display Pics MSN mood display pictures

+ Download Mood MSN Display Pictures

This collection, much like the original, contains MSN display pics to express your moods, emotions, and how you feel on MSN Messenger, such as being in love, happy, angry or sleepy. Be sure to download and check out this absolutely awesome free MSN display pictures set now!

Posted on Tuesday, July 06 @ 10:59:18 UTC (62326 reads)
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MSN Display Pictures: MSN emotion avatars - Messenger Emotions Display Pictures
MSN Display Pictures

The MSN Emotions display pictures pack is a new set of free emotion MSN avatars for MSN Messenger.

MSN emotions funny MSN emotions free emotions for MSN Messenger

This free pack contains lots of cool, funny emotion MSN avatars for use as MSN Display Pictures!

+ Download the MSN Emotions Display Pictures Pack

For more free MSN Avatars and MSN Display Pictures go Here!

Posted on Friday, June 25 @ 21:45:06 UTC (107374 reads)
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News: Backup your MSN Display Pictures & Emoticons

The Custom Emoticon/Display Picture Backup Wizard is a utility for backing up the custom content, like MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons, that you have added to your MSN Messenger account (MSN 6.2, 7.0 or 7.5).

This is useful if you have a lot of emoticons and display pics and can't afford to lose them, have lost the original files, need to re-use the files on another account. If you previously lost your files, MSN Messenger doesn't always delete them so you may be able to recover some images as well. This utility is for anyone that uses a large amount of custom content in MSN Messenger and cant afford to lose them.

MSN Emoticons and Display Pics Backup Wizard

Currently supports backup for MSN Emoticons, Backgrounds and MSN Display Pictures. Compatible with MSN Messenger 6 and 7.

+ Click here for a large screenshot.

+ Download Custom Emoticon / Display Picture Backup Wizard - [43 KB]

Visit the backup wizard page for the latest version and information.

Posted on Saturday, June 12 @ 17:21:19 UTC (200186 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Zangy Emoticon Font
MSN Emoticons

Here is a brand new emoticon font set for MSN Messenger. The font is called Zangy and you can download it right here.

Emoticon font

+ Download Zangy Emoticon Font

Posted on Sunday, May 30 @ 12:04:28 UTC (123079 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Extended Emoticons set of Free MSN Emoticons and Smileys
MSN Emoticons

The Extended set is a pack of extended, new emoticons and smiley for MSN Messenger. Check the picture below to see a preview of some of the emoticons in the pack.

Extended emoticon set - funny MSN emoticons

Installing the pack is really simple, you'll have it installed within a matter of seconds, the pack has many cool, funny msn emoticons that you can add to MSN and use in your MSN Messenger conversations for some fun!

+ Download Extended Emoticons Pack

And you can visit the MSN Packs for more cool, free MSN Packs, or check out more of our Animated Emoticons

Posted on Friday, May 21 @ 07:41:50 UTC (113939 reads)
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MSN Display Pictures: Funny MSN Display Pictures - 50 Funny MSN Display Pics
MSN Display Pictures

Here is a brand new pack of Funny MSN display pics for MSN Messenger. This funny MSN display pictures pack contains 50 funny MSN pics for use in MSN. The pictures are hilarious, download this pack of funny MSN avatars and have a few laughs!

FUNNY MSN PICS MSN funny display pictures Funny MSN Display Pictures and Avatars Funny MSN pictures

Above are 4 sample MSN Display Pictures from the pack. There are 50 images in total in the set. You can proceed to download it below.

+ Download Funny MSN Display Pictures - 50 Display Pics

Dont forget to check out the MSN Display Pics section for more packs of free msn display pictures!

Posted on Saturday, May 15 @ 05:59:18 UTC (206622 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Emoticon Pack 14
MSN Emoticons

Another emoticon pack (#14) is up for download for all you emoticon and smiley fans. Download it below!

MSN Emoticons

The emoticons pack is free and contains a hundred emoticons for MSN.

+ Download MSN Emoticons Pack 14

Get the other free emoticon packs over HERE.

Posted on Sunday, May 09 @ 04:06:59 UTC (125171 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Ice Crystal 3 Emoticon Pack - Free MSN Smileys!
MSN Emoticons

Get this brand new ice cool emoticon pack from Emoinstaller today! The new emoticon pack is the Ice Crystal 3 set! As usual, the emoticons are automatically installed into your MSN Messenger so you dont have to do any hard work, and its completely free. Check out the preview picture below and download this cool emoticon pack by clicking on the preview or the link below it.

Free Ice Crystal MSN Emoticons Pack - Free MSN Smileys!

+ Download Ice Crystal 3 Emoticon Pack for MSN Messenger

For hundreds more completely free, automatically installing emoticons for MSN, visit the MSN Icons page!

Posted on Tuesday, April 27 @ 09:49:32 UTC (113850 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Love MSN Display Pictures, MSN Smileys, Emoticons & Backgrounds
MSN Emoticons

A huge new MSN pack has been released! The Love MSN Pack is, as the name suggests, all about love! This awesome, completely free pack includes over 300 MSN Display Pictures, Emoticons and MSN Smileys for you to use.

Included in the pack are 140 cool love emoticons, 150 love MSN display pictures and 10 chat backgrounds and contact list backgrounds! You can download this big pack below!

Love MSN Emoticons + MSN Display Pictures

+ Love MSN Pack - Emoticons, MSN Display Pictures & Backgrounds

So download this gigantic Love pack with hundreds of Love emoticons and love display pictures now, have some fun, and show the loved ones in your life how you feel about them!

Posted on Thursday, April 22 @ 14:27:57 UTC (140357 reads)
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