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facebook halloween status updates

Halloween status updates for Facebook, MSN, Skype, Twitter and more!

Saturday, 29 Oct. '111 comments3.44

Halloween is almost upon us and we've got some cool quotes and funny statuses that you can use. Use these funny messages for Facebook status updates or wall comments. You could post them on Twitter too. Heck, you could even post some of them to people's pictures and photos!

Here are the status updates:

  • 365 days of the year parents tell their children not to take candy from strangers, but on halloween it's encouraged!
  • Can I borrow your face as a mask... cuz as you know it's halloween!!
  • Can I have your pic so I can show mum what I want to look like for Halloween?
  • Even though it's Halloween, you look Boo-Tiful!
  • Halloween... the only day your parents let you take candy from strangers!
  • Halloween... the time of year where paedophiles can roam the streets and dark corners in disguise without getting arrested.
  • Halloween: When small children can legally steal from old people.
  • I was wondering... is that your real face or did I just miss halloween?
  • I'm looking for a halloween costume, can I look through your wardrobe?
  • No one is too old to have fun getting free candy!
  • Yo mama so ugly when she walks down the street in September, people say "Wow, is it Halloween already?"
  • Yo mama so ugly, they moved halloween to her birthday.
  • You're so ugly that at halloween they didn't give you sweets but they gave you a mirror to look at your ugly face!

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We recommend that you customize these messages to make them personal and unique. You can do that easily with our WEIRD TEXT MAKER which can change the font of the letters. Another easy option is to decorate the messages by adding some FUNKY SYMBOLS to them. These should make your status stand out from the crowd. You might have to re-work some of them if you're posting on Twitter due to the character limit.

Skype and Windows Live Messenger users can set these as their personal messages or MSN names. It is also easy to paste them into Yahoo Messenger. We hope you liked this selection of status messages.

If you want some graphics, be sure to check out the Animated Halloween Emoticons we've added to the site. They're very spooky and ghoulish!

And finally, all of us here at Sherv.NET wish you a very...

Flying batHappy Halloween!Halloween smiley faces


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genesis said:14 Oct '12

how ya doin ~taken~ LUV him lik woaH

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