Facebook status updates for New Year
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facebook status updates for new year

New Year's quotes and status updates for Facebook and MSN/WLM

Wednesday, 29 Dec. '1018 comments3.17

With the new year fast approaching, we have added a selection of funny and amusing quotes which you can use for your Facebook status updates or messenger personal messages. Use these witty messages to spread the cheer and joy of the holiday season as we enter 2011.

Here are the new year status updates which you can simply copy and paste:

  • <:o) Happy (^) New (^) Year <:o) 2011
  • New Years Resolution: Do less laundry and use more deodorant
  • New Years Resolution: Find out why I really need to keep changing my Facebook Status.
  • Avoid hangovers on New Year's Day by staying drunk.
  • Most people look forward to the New Year for a fresh start on old habits.
  • To beat the New Year traffic, leave when the countdown is at "6"
  • May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions do!
  • New Years Resolution: At least once a week, I shall break a law I've never broken before.
  • New Year 2011 Resolution: Stop changing my nickname on a daily basis.
  • In 2011 I will stop listening to these voices in my head!
  • Yo mama so fat, every time she turns around it's New Years!
  • I WOULD come 2 your new year party, but... I'm STILL celebrating Christmas!
  • Resolution for 2011: Spend less time on Messenger :P
  • New Years Resolution: Find out why I really need to keep changing my MSN Name everyday.

Those of you struggling to come up with funny Facebook status ideas can use these quotations to share a few laughs with your friends during your season. We found many of these saints to be pretty hilarious and most people should be able to understand and relate to them. Most of these messages are quite short, so you can even send them to your friends and followers on Twitter.

You can also further personalize these messages by adding lots of cool symbols to get that special touch. Decorate your status updates with stars, music symbols, smiley faces and lots of other funky symbol characters which are available right here on our website.

users of Windows live messenger 2009 will also be able to use these quotes as their MSN names. For those of you who are not aware, the new Windows live messenger 2011 has removed the ability you change your screen name, only allowing you to set your personal message to any custom text that you like. Once you've updated your status, you can also go on check out the gallery of new years emoticons where we have some of the best smileys which you can use to wish your friends and family a happy new year!


User comments

Anonymous said:31 Dec '11

they're re all nice status messages for 2012!

skull's said:31 Dec '11

lmfao cool one all r good

Anta said:31 Dec '11

waw be moom nekhna ba nope hahahahahah hapy nw year 2 u all

Anonymous said:31 Dec '11

WHO AM I ANYONE KNOW ????????????????????????????????????????

aishwarya said:29 Dec '11

dey r cool............

NEAL replied:30 Dec '11


Anonymous said:30 Dec '11

the last new year on mine

hilza said:30 Dec '10

hehehe nice ones..especially the yo momma one!! XD

Anonymous replied:31 Dec '10

i liked it too, it rocks.

ANONYMOUS replied:28 Dec '11


ANONYMOUS said:28 Dec '11


Anonymous said:28 Dec '11

so funny suyz hahaha

destiny said:01 Jul '11

i liked them, they're really good and funny!!

Anonymous said:13 Apr '11

no hilza:espically the best is i am still celebrating cristmas is better.....!!!

shiela said:13 Apr '11

i haven't found yet..what i am searching for..

beth said:27 Jan '11

What could i put on my status :/ that would be kwl on fb or msn :/ eny body no....???

thumba said:08 Jan '11

i´ve found one article about chrismas an d stuff... a little bit late :-)

I-Like-To-Comment-:D said:31 Dec '10

Lol all of them are pretty cool, like the Facebook one :P it's so true x)

sky said:31 Dec '10

yea i especially love the 7th one too.
mine r always to lose weight or to revise and do well in my exams. they last quite well...up until i get out of bed in the morning :)

IsHAn said:31 Dec '10

nice status..... specially 7th one....

anyta said:30 Dec '10

hahahahahah nice, these are funny!

bob_egypt replied:31 Dec '10

hell yeah....
Avoid hangovers on New Year's Day by staying drunk.

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