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write upside down

Upside down text, try the flip text writing generator

Wednesday, 24 Dec. '08165 comments3.87

Ever wanted to flip your text upside down? Use our brand new text generator to flip your words horizontally, check it out!

Flip your text!
Try the Text Flipper!

Using this tool is easy. Just enter your text, copy the upside down version from below it and let the hilarity ensue! The page also includes help and instructions, as well as plenty of other details.

Many users wish to know how to write upside down text, and our flip text maker does exactly that. You can take your boring old text and flip the letters right on their head and freak people out! Most people are really amazed when they first see this type of writing, it's really rare to encounter this kind of text on the web these days. It's a cool way to impress people (or make them tilt their head)! If you really like having funky text, you can also try our weirdmaker generator to create unique styles of writing.

Where to use the text?

So where can you use these upside down letters? The quick answer is, just about anywhere you like. Use it in your Instant Messaging names and messages, create a funky email or put it in your blog. You can also use the flipped letters for Myspace, Facebook, Bebo and just about any other social network. You can even use the text on YouTube!

Our writing generator also supports upside down text on facebook. You can convert your status messages with this tool and have them displayed upside down! You can also use it to flip the information in your profile fields.

The flip text will also work with HTML pages, so long as a Unicode encoding standard (such as UTF-8) is supported. Numbers, non-English letters and other special characters are not currently supported, but we're working on adding those in the near future.

We hope you enjoy flipping your text on our website. Your feedback is certainly welcome and you can contact us using the link in the menu to the left.


User comments

Monica said:28 May '18

Please add me to your blog for any update in future. Love all the posts.
Thank you.

Anonymous said:28 Sep '14

Rachel Desborough Roscoe

Anonymous said:19 Apr '14


said:28 Mar '12

Can anyone tell me what this means PLEASE:

"Sakiiittt?? Aduuuch sakitt eungg...?? MATA..!!"

zai replied:23 Aug '13

sakit means painful, mata is eye, so his/her eye is in pain

Anonymous said:04 Aug '13

watch you get scared again. I'm gonna be laughing if you scream, but I'll find it cute. don't laugh at me if I scream lol.

Anonymous said:06 Apr '12

sıɥʇ ǝʞıl uʍopǝpısdn oƃ uɐɔ noʎ

ѕнaz [♥] replied:06 May '12

Yeeaahhhh xxx =) LOLOLOL

gabriella replied:13 Apr '13

How do you do that upside down writing on laptop?please reply

Alie replied:14 Apr '13

Gabriella I don't think it makes any difference if you use a laptop or a PC for Weirdmakar. As much as I know you have to copy paste the fancy text created on weird maker page. Please if anyone knows better let us know as well. I'm interested.

CUTETTLOLZ ♥ said:07 Jun '12

Upside down writing is sick !

gabriella replied:13 Apr '13

It is good not bad i really like it i always use to write upside down it was fun!

Anonymous said:04 Nov '12

I love you

ѕнαzzч ♥... replied:09 Nov '12

awwrhh xxx
datz sweet do yu love yur bf/gf ?

Anonymous said:01 Aug '12

Where are the flip text capital letters?

Anonymous said:03 Jun '12

hi. i don't get the purpose of this.

papo replied:03 Jun '12

it's just for having fun with keyboard characters and alphabet letters, and confusing and amusing your readers which is quite interesting in itself! some smart guys even turn their laptops upside down to read it quickly if the text is long. then they reply to you fast so they can impress you with their mental skills and speed and intelligence!!!

Anonymous said:02 Apr '12

every thing turns upside down

u will not know my n said:13 Mar '12

i want to write upside down on moshi monsters plzzz tell me how

Laily-Rose Cressent said:15 Feb '12

i like flipping the words

Anonymous said:30 Jan '12

where is the genarator?

Anonymous said:16 Jan '12

how do u use this me dont know

Anonymous said:15 Dec '11

I want to flip my letters backwards, lik looking in the mirror

Anonymous replied:31 Dec '11

right i do to lov it everyone should try it

Anonymous said:21 Dec '11

hellloooo !!! whatsa crakalakin

Anonymous said:05 Dec '11

weirdmaker, that what i was lookng for, cool :)

riah said:25 Nov '11

cool! it is sooo cool!

Anonymous said:07 Nov '11

this was so coooooooooool

Anonymous said:18 Oct '11

I like the feeling if dizziness that this fancy writing style would create for the people who are forced to read it! it's so cool! flipped and upside down text rules!!

Anonymous said:13 Oct '11

If you can read this right now you are probably turning your head up side down just wasting your time. :) **LIKE**

Lucy said:12 Oct '11

Fun it is fun blah blah blah blah blah

Tiana Lyn Chang said:04 Oct '11

COOL! I'm gonna write something and then copy and past it as my status for fb! let's see how many Likes there will be there! LOL

holly said:30 Jun '11


Sandy May replied:19 Sep '11

My friends name is Holly!!:)

Brianna said:19 Sep '11

i love you!♥ So very much, my wife!♥

Anonymous said:29 Jun '11

Hello guys wanna have fun?

Anonymous said:15 Jun '11

only one thing ticks me off with this IT DOESN'T let you keep CAP'D letters it all converts into Lower cause and this just makes me mad....

shawntashia said:08 Jun '11

School is almost over...Summer time

Anonymous said:03 Jun '11

nice name...he/she said sarcastically...-.-

Anonymous said:29 May '11

please do KaydeeMariiee Wiedenhorn-Robinson

Anonymous said:22 May '11

Ahhh.....so that is how you do it!

Anonymous said:22 May '11

I love you!(: More than anything ever..(:

Anonymous said:13 May '11

it is ok...

evvit said:22 Mar '11

olalla.,apa kata dunia..!!

princezz nikki♥ replied:26 Apr '11

saya tidak tahu..!!!!!

Anonymous said:01 Mar '11

qǝǝu ɯopıɟıǝp ɟɹoɯ ɥıs oɹıƃıuɐl ʌǝɹsıou˙ ɥǝ ɥɐs qǝǝu ɟoɹɯɐʇʇǝp ʇo ɟıʇ ʎonɹ sɔɹǝǝu˙

kristen99 replied:01 Apr '11

how did u do u that lol

princezz nikki♥ replied:26 Apr '11

xx ʎɹɹos˙˙˙lol ʍouʞ ʇ,uop ı

Me said:13 Apr '11

Help, all the blood's gone to my head!

Anonymous said:01 Apr '11

Welcome Home Danny Boy xxx

Anonymous said:18 Mar '11

i love being on my blog ! specially wiv dis ritin

Anonymous said:12 Feb '11

saddest ppl on here...pls go and get a life

Anonymous replied:13 Mar '11

why are you on here then -__- ?

bevus said:07 Mar '11

i dont bash ppl with golf clubs lol jokes im jacob ryan! hahahahaha fb group

Anonymous said:19 Feb '11

Hello peeps I can write like this weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said:17 Feb '11

can someone do some fancy writing?

Anonymous said:14 Feb '11

no way so cool! †††††††††††††

Anonymous said:04 Feb '11

RIP Sara Catherine Jolley, my best friend.

hello guys said:01 Feb '11

Do you like this website as much as I do? he he he he!!

flipped text is so cool. people get confused at first before they understand that they have to read it upside down!!! fancy text generator!!!! quite weird though!

Anonymous said:23 Jan '11

is this flippin real?

Anonymous said:23 Jan '11

ʎɐqə ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎəʞ ɐ ʎnq ı əɯıʇ ʇsɐl əɥʇ sı sıɥʇ

Awesome said:23 Jan '11

Cool!! I like this =D

Anonymous said:12 Jan '11

i love you danielle earley !

Anonymous said:09 Jan '11

luvs all my friends and family

Anonymous said:03 Jan '11

cant wait to write the other way round!!

Anonymous said:29 Dec '10

I love you baby and I will never forget all the things you do for me I am honored to be in your life and love you I'm writing like this because you turned my life upside down for the better

Lily said:20 Dec '10

gosh this is so so cool!!

copy problem said:08 Jul '10

ɥɥɐɹɐs Is That Okay ? xXXX

sαvαηηα replied:12 Dec '10

cann somee onee do Savanna or Chavela & thatt downn theree
-15 Years younq
- Blow out the candels Januaryy 14
- Juniooooorrr
- Reppinn Class of 2012
- Orestimba Hiqh
- Music keeps me breathing
- Loveee Lil Wayneee, Pauly D & Wiz Khalifa
- Cell: ask for them digits
pleasee andd thankkyhuu ! ill lovee yhuu foreverr andd everr(:

Anonymous said:01 Dec '10


meme said:27 Nov '10

just use the flip text tool on this site and... bing bong!!....then copy and paste...lol

anonn said:27 Nov '10

anyonw want mehh 2 do somfinkk nythinn ask

Miss Georgie said:04 Sep '10

Can you write

вεтнααι~ℜо replied:19 Nov '10

I can write, indeed.

Anonymous said:17 Nov '10

how do you have nice writing for you'r msn?, the writing on there is realy boring!

DramaWithers replied:19 Nov '10

тнis is α иicε foит, doи'т γoυ тнiиκ? ;P
iт's мαdε oυт of grεεκ lεттεrs. вυт тнεγ doи'т мεαи тнε sαмε lεтттεr LOL iт's liκε, αи α is proвαвlγ α F or soмεтнiиg :L:L

Anonymous said:24 Aug '10

i dont understand this site lol i want this upside down.. i love you ♥ does it just come up underneath?

Bethaniee replied:19 Nov '10

♥ noʎ ǝʌol ı

Sorry, I don't have an upside down heart.

mRR.bIGGdICKK said:05 Nov '10


sexyyyybeasttt said:25 Sep '10

I don't get this!! :L

☻☻ said:12 Sep '10

i love dynomite tooo

♥♥ said:12 Sep '10

haha love this generator

; яαиуα ♥ ' s said:05 Aug '10

I love thee song dynamitee by taio cruz ♥

Anonymous replied:04 Sep '10

mee Tooo xx ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ Its A Great Song ᶫᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤ

Miss Georgie said:04 Sep '10

Can you write brittney backwards with love hearts on each sides... :l

Rahma Cahyarini said:27 Aug '10

I am very interested in this.
I'd love to put on my blog. How do I?
please advice, thanks

Looloo replied:27 Aug '10

You just copy the text and paste it in your blog!

Anonymous said:19 Aug '10

hi people!! ☺☻hows it going

Anonymous said:11 Aug '10

lol This writing is so weird!!!

яαиуα ♥ said:05 Aug '10

xoxo ... яαиуα ♥ ;)
lool !

maissa mahmoud said:02 Aug '10

plz can i have misso with a heat on the i

People ᵧₒᵤ said:15 Jul '10

Não entendi nada...Mas vai !

; )

boss replied:31 Jul '10

your a hottie! i loveee you!

Danielle said:25 Jul '10

can you right, ' my dotor put my brain in upside down when i was born', upside down please

boss replied:31 Jul '10

haha no! love yooou!

Anonymous said:17 Jul '10

can i get a mariium upside down please. :)

facebook said:13 Jul '10

SELAMAT DATANG DI FB dh!ey4n_luph_v!ndh4

Anonymous said:09 Jul '10

can some write Ellie.x please in fancy writing and Single.x
In fancy writing .. thanks !!!!:)

a guy, said:01 Jul '10

I like this writing ay

Anonymous said:07 Jun '10

i have no idea but i copied it an it worked

Anonymous said:01 Jun '10

Upside down, Flip HI

Anonymous said:22 Mar '10

amazing! it's so cool to write like this!!!

hob-nob!! x replied:01 Jun '10

lol.. well me don't even know how to do 1t!:( :S

Anonymous said:20 May '10

impressive...really interesting.

Anonymous said:17 May '10

How do you do it? i cant find the website.
Can anyone help?? x

Jessi ♥ replied:17 May '10

My dear! just click on "Try the text Flipper" in blue color font on the top of this page and under the flipped text in black color. it takes you there. Hope this is helpful!!!

loooooooooool said:09 May '10

how do you get it up on msn.

Anonymous replied:15 May '10


Anonymous said:11 Nov '09

Howw do you do itt? :P

Anonymous replied:15 May '10

i have no idea man :P :P :)

Anonymous replied:15 May '10

u copy it mannnnnnnnnnnn

abbdab said:15 Mar '10

hey hey hey my names so kool lol

Anonymous replied:16 Mar '10

heyyyyyyyyyyw wats up

Anonymous replied:24 Apr '10

can someone make Monica in cool lettering?

charlotte321456 said:17 Apr '10

heyyyaa who has moshi monsters i do

allen said:14 Apr '10

can i download it? how?

Anonymous said:07 Apr '10

can you please do sabah

Anonymous said:06 Apr '10

help me,,,,,,,,,,,,,urg te bsa walakaya yeuuuhh

Anonymous said:06 Apr '10

AJEETi jeni mat qartittt

Anonymous said:04 Apr '10

how to write word in horizontally

ChaarlotteeeeeBabeey said:04 Apr '10

woooow is all i can say!!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Feb '10

H3y ppl cn u tell mii how 2 write ma name flip text plz
mwah x x x

Anonymous replied:26 Mar '10

x ʎ ʍ ʌ n ʇ s ɹ b d o u ɯ Ⴈ ʞ ɾ ! Ⴁ ƃ ɟ ә p ɔ q ɐ

Anonymous said:28 Feb '10

heh! thats funny! i like here cause it makes me feel funny so thanx ppl for makin this!

Anonymous said:25 Feb '10

Яbbhj kjhkhuhoi Я

Anonymous said:23 Feb '10

curiouse george backward please!

Jodie ; said:09 Jan '10

can someone do this in like fancy writin or somethin plz
can i have either Jodie Darlyn xx or Jodie Hunni xx
plz and can i have a love heart in front of the jodie please
thanks to whoever does it ;)

your bff:) hahah replied:06 Feb '10

xx ıuunɥ ǝıpoظ ♥
you cant do it in fancy sorry

Anonymous said:31 Jan '10

cud anyone give me the website the get the letters bk wards e.g the R plz so i can put it on msn thankz whoever gives me it and i will love you 4 3v@lol x

Anonymous said:28 Jan '10

loraaa could you please make that upside down please?x

Anonymous said:26 Jan '10

Eh where do ya do it ?

Anonymous said:21 Jan '10

my name is kayleigh i want it backwards !

Sarah said:18 Jan '10

can i get Sarah upside down please too

Aimee replied:18 Jan '10

ɥɥɐɹɐs Is That Okay ? x

Makylaaaa said:06 Jan '10

i wanna get some cool writing on my msn like backwards letters and upside down words and stuff like that. is that possible?

Anonymous said:04 Jan '10

what is the website called? x

Lee said:31 Dec '09

I really did fall over backwards !!!

Lee said:31 Dec '09

Fell over backwards in my chair laughing at your response !!

Sh0rtY wUz h3r3 said:31 Dec '09

I want ma name 2 b upside down...does ne 1 kno how 2 do dat???? plllzzzzzz nd spank u very much..lolzz

Anonymous said:29 Dec '09

i dont get it. what your trying to say

Anonymous said:20 Nov '09

i want 'Back' wrote backwards ne ideas how i can do this ??

not your beeswax replied:01 Dec '09

here is how : kcaB lol :)

KRISTY ANN LAFORME replied:03 Dec '09


Anonymous said:29 Nov '09

It's an upside down inside out sort of stylle

--- replied:01 Dec '09

its not really inside out, you know!?

Anonymous said:28 Nov '09

how do u flip it?plis tell me

Anonymous said:15 Nov '09

want a backwards L ┘

Anonymous said:06 Nov '09

agus dono karmadi bin duta paok

Anonymous said:31 Oct '09

Pretty dam cool. but like honestly, i like Upside Down Text much better

Anonymous said:11 Oct '09

LαuяєN Bαbєs (K) Siиgʟє (u)

Anonymous replied:24 Oct '09

How do you get the backwards R's and N's ? Is it poss to get a backwards L ?

Anonymous said:24 Oct '09

How do you get back to front writing ? I want a backwards L.

Shellz said:11 Oct '09

How do i keep capital letters? Led Zeppelin

denise said:29 Aug '09

hello, how do i download this

Anonymous replied:01 Oct '09

jangan ragu untuk mengatakan cinta

Michaelaaa said:28 Sep '09

can you write Michaelaa_Mclaughlinn up side down and then a heart and smilely face

Anonymous said:12 Sep '09

hey hey hey hey
! im neeew 2 this website and sooooo FaR its amazingggg..!!!

Anonymous said:12 Sep '09

how do flip the text!? THATS ACCTUALLY AWESOME!!!!!!

Anonymous said:11 Sep '09

I Think Of U Wen I Cry...N All My Tears Suddenly Dry!!!

group1elements@yaho said:05 Sep '09

sɹǝsɐɹǝ ǝʌɐɥ slıɔuǝd ʎɥʍ s,ʇɐɥʇ ʇɔǝɟɹǝd sı ƃuıɥʇou

dudette of dudettes said:27 Aug '09

woooow.... i like this thang dude i wanna kisss that bright spark wat thort of weirdmaker...genius dude

xxxloveyouxxx said:13 Aug '09

hey can you flip this please xx ♥. x∂ιοиαιчsoи

ѕαвαн'x Nαмє replied:26 Aug '09

иosчιαиοι∂x ˙♥ ther ya go

ѕαвαн'x Nαмє said:26 Aug '09

If Anyone needs any names making Let Me now and Tell Me if u Want me TO Add Symbols for ya Or colours


just me said:26 Aug '09

upside down the way you turn me inside out round and round

DONt WORRy BOUt it!! said:22 Aug '09

this is really cool =)
just wish yu had cross out letters& different text options!
hope yu get them soon!!

xAce said:14 Aug '09


THECOOL said:29 Jul '09

nice... i like this ... thaks a lot dude...

Anonymous said:25 Dec '08

this is awesome, but is there one that crosses out the words?

Anonymous replied:17 Jul '09

my name is paigee i want it upside down

Anonymous said:19 Jun '09

dunia mang udah ke balik nich...

Anonymous said:18 Jun '09

man i love camps, they are so awesome and fun to be around

SHA said:16 Jun '09

˙noʎ ɹoɟ pәdd!Ⴈɟ әq ႨႨ!ʍ ʇ! puɐ ʍoႨәq ʇxәʇ ɹnoʎ ƃu!ɹәʇuә ʎq ʇɹɐʇs iɹoʇɐɹәuәƃ ʇxәʇ d!Ⴈɟ ɹno Ⴁʇ!ʍ uʍop әp!sdn ʇxәʇ ɹnoʎ ƃu!ʇ!ɹʍ ʎq ʇɐႡʇ ʎႨʇɔɐxә op uɐɔ noʎ ʍou ¿ʇxәʇ ʎzɐɹɔ әɯos Ⴁʇ!ʍ ʇno әႨdoәd ʞɐәɹɟ oʇ pәʇuɐʍ ɹәʌә noʎ әʌɐႡ

Anonymous said:13 Jun '09

klo kita baek.......ma org tu......
org tu tetap ja baik......

jerikahan said:05 Jun '09

I Finnk Itzz Amzin x x xx

aewgshewragth4e said:16 May '09

cool, neat software to surprise your friends!

adri said:15 May '09

I dont get it. what your trying to say?

:) said:08 May '09

omq dis is so cwket ! &+ kwool !

i kannt waiit till i kan tryy dis oh-emm-qee !

hehehe :)

amanda ilu nathan said:26 Apr '09

I need a name tthats upside down my name is amanda but can u flip it to amanda ilu nathan right know thanks

ESC said:24 Apr '09

Can u share this script ? ESC creation

Anonymous said:24 Apr '09

thats like awesome! Sup?

missssyyyyy said:24 Apr '09

whoottwhooot this rocked:)))

travis jarvis said:09 Apr '09

im a ganster i love my assssssss

Anonymous said:09 Apr '09

its so lame that i lov it

cole said:28 Mar '09

i love this! my friends just told me about it.

brina said:06 Mar '09

OMGG THIS IS SO ANOYYINGG HOW DO YOU READ THE THINGS THAT YOU WROTE and i dont no if any1 wrote back so im not gonna get angry ...breathh *breathh* lol luv yaa xx

xO'BeccaHeree-'Ox said:04 Mar '09

❤x˙ʇɹoႨɐ sʞuɐႡʇ ႨoႨ iipәʇsәʇ sәʎә ɹәႡ/s!Ⴁ ʇәƃ oʇ spәәu 'Ⴁs!qqnɹ sʇ! sʎɐs ɹәʌәoႡʍ ˙s!Ⴁʇ әʌoႨ !! 'ʎәႡ

Anonymous said:28 Feb '09

thanks for making this nifty little feature!

Anonymous said:24 Feb '09

blaaaa esdfasdfasdf vxcvxcv sedfzdfasdf sdfsdf

Anonymous said:18 Feb '09

wow this is cool.

Anonymous said:18 Feb '09

now my text is upside down *:o/

Anonymous said:15 Feb '09

it aint that great like ppl said it would be

CLAYiiE said:05 Feb '09

cool..love it..make more cool generator. :) thanks for this!

Anonymous replied:06 Feb '09

it doesnt evenn workk

101 said:29 Jan '09

GREAT!!! awesome letters, i put the writing on myspace.

Anonymous said:28 Jan '09

what's going on? please leave me a message!

ADDiEEE; + HARRiSON; said:25 Jan '09

it's good but why does it have to make it backwards? my name is addie and my name flips and turns in to eidda, but upside down. Anyway lol Love u x :)

Anonymous said:24 Jan '09

ich hab euch ganz dolle liiiiieb

Anonymous said:15 Jan '09

i love you guys ♥

Rebbzayy said:13 Jan '09

This site is great, and i love the weirdmaker writing, thanks!

Kristal said:11 Jan '09

this is really awesome! i just generated all my text and its cool.

babyk said:06 Jan '09

pretty cool but would be good to have glitter and movement too.

DNT NEED 2 NO said:29 Dec '08


CVB said:29 Dec '08

this is the best generator for making flipped names, thanks guys.

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