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Welcome to the Weirdmaker tools page! Here you can use the different available weirdmakers to create cool, funky and weird writing for MSN names, letters and text. Enter your text below to get started! If need more detailed instructions, look below the weirdmaker.


2. Weirdmaker results:

Here are the results from the Weirdmaker, just copy the the text from the fields below:

Weird weirdmaker: Euro weirdmaker:new WiRED weirdmaker:new Simple weirdmaker:new Hacker weirdmaker: Breezah weirdmaker: Too weird weirdmaker: Capitals weirdmaker: Crazy weirdmaker:

How to use the Weirdmaker

To use the Weirdmaker to create lots of cool and funky MSN Letters and writings, you will first need to enter your original text in the first text field above. As you enter text in this field, the fields present under the Weirdmaker results area will automatically update, each showing your text in a unique weirdmaker mode. After you finish entering your letters, choose the weird text style that you like best, and copy it. It's then ready to be set as your MSN Nickname or personal message.

If you need help setting your MSN Name, please read our MSN Nicknames Guide.

Weird MSN Writing

Weirdmaker Writing Weird MSN Writing with letters

Inserting these 'weird' writings in MSN is probably one of the most popular uses of the Weirdmaker, but using these cool letters and weird writings isn't simply limited to nicknames on MSN and Live messenger, you can place the weird writing text in your online profiles, use them in conversations, forums and even for status messages on Yahoo Messenger! To find out more about weird MSN writing, read the Weirdmaker news article.

More Weirdmakers

We're always updating this page with even more cool weirdmakers, generators and weird maker styles, so be sure to check back often.

If you want to suggest a new weirdmaker, or submit your own weird letters, just drop us a line.

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