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Since the release of MSN Messenger 7 in late 2004, It's MSN Winks have been one of the most well-liked features. MSN Winks are the MSN animations that you can send and receive in MSN Messenger 7, they consist of animation and sound. MSN Winks take expressions within a conversation to a whole new level (far beyond those of Emoticons and such), Winks are all about expressing yourself, showing off your style and being trendy! Now, over 2 years since Winks made their debut, MSN Winks are going stronger than ever before.

Download Free Winks for MSN Messenger

You can download and install some cool new MSN Winks from this area of our site, just browse the MSN Winks below and click on any of them to install it to MSN Messenger. These completely gratis MSN Winks come equipped with an MSN Winks installer so installing them is extremely easy. You only need to run the installer once, as you will have the option to install all the MSN Messenger Winks listed below!

Free MSN Emoticons

Our Wink Installer works with all versions of MSN Messenger 7.0 and MSN 7.5 and also the new Windows Live Messenger 8. Just run the installer to Download MSN Messenger Winks. Here are some of the currently available MSN Winks for free download (there will be more Free Winks available in MSN Messenger after you download and install):

MSN Winks
Free MSN Winks
Download Free MSN Winks
Free MSN Messenger Winks

Click here to download and install animated Free Winks for MSN Messenger!
Download MSN Winks

Blue Mountain MSN Winks

In recent times, a large amount of commercial (for sale) MSN Winks from Blue Mountain have been circulating for free download on the Internet. These Messenger Winks were leaked due to errors in the Blue Mountain Winks system which allowed users to download MSN Winks for free. It should be made clear that the installation and usage of such 'stolen winks' is not legal and forbidden. If you really enjoy using MSN Winks from BlueMountain, you can purchase some through MSN Messenger. Kiwee, the successor to Blue Mountain MSN recently allowed users to download winks free, so you may also wish to find out about the Free Kiwee Winks and Emoticons.

Free High Quality Emoticons

Downsides of using MSN Winks

Although using MSN Winks can be a lot of fun, it has some downsides as well. Here are some issues that you should consider if your going to bombard your Messenger contacts with Winks!

Winks are only supported in MSN Messenger 7 and newer (like MSN 7.5 and 8.0), this means that users of other clients such as MSN Messenger v6 or other unofficial clients can not view your MSN Messenger Winks or send MSN Winks to you. Previous security issues with Winks have caused MSN to secure the feature, this is also the reason that creating or downloading custom user Winks are not currently supported.

Unlike MSN Emoticons, MSN Winks are lot bigger in size (anywhere from 50 KB to a few Megabytes), which means they take longer to send to your contacts and also depend on your contacts download speed. Specially to and from those users on slower Internet connections such as 56k, MSN Winks may take some time to transfer via MSN Messenger, as well as some possible unwanted bandwidth usage when someone sends you a rather large Wink on Messenger.

Creating custom personalized Winks

A new feature being provided by content partners (such as Kiwee Winks) is the ability to customize winks with your own pictures and adding your own text. Of course, this feature isn't free, you need to pay to download the wink that you created to use in Messenger (usually costs around $1-5). To find out what custom Winks services are available for you, click My Winks from the Messenger Tools menu, then click Get more winks, and then click OK. You are redirected to a site where you can get more winks. You can also add your own text or a photo to a wink at this site. You should be able to create your Winks from within Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger.

Unfortunately, there is no free alternative for creating winks in MSN, so if you don't want to pay for them, just stick to our free winks.

Windows Live Messenger Winks

The Winks you can download not only work for MSN Messenger, but Windows Live Messenger Winks are also included. Here is a full compatibility list, the free download has:

  • Winks for MSN Messenger (7.0 and 7.5)
  • Free Winks for Windows Live Messenger (8.0, 8.1 and 8.5)

We have tested and confirmed the free Winks work with MSN/Live Messenger without any issues. You may also install them into as many accounts as you wish.

You are currently limited to using the Wink animations for MSN and Live Messenger. Although Messenger has been connected to Yahoo for a while now, it is not possible to send an MSN Animation to a Yahoo contact. Yahoo users can not send Yahoo Audibles to MSN users either. There has been no mention of plans to introduce Yahoo/MSN animation compatibility. MySpace IM also has a similar feature called MySpace Zaps. A MySpace Zap is basically a custom animation with sound that you can send to contacts, much like winks in MSN.

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