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MSN Winks: Kiwee: Free Winks, MSN Icons, Muggins, Dynamic Backgrounds and Emoticons!
Posted on Saturday, October 07 @ 11:50:07 UTC
MSN Winks
Kiwee Free Winks

Kiwee, the official Messenger content provider (formerly BlueMountain) is giving away all of their downloads for free as part of their latest promotion!

Thats right, they're giving away EVERYTHING for free! These free downloads include Muggins, Winks, Display Pics and all of their Emoticons and Smileys!

You can even download some cool Dynamic Backgrounds! Dynamic backgrounds are animated chat window backgrounds, which you can even personalize. Other goodies include free moods and dynamic display pictures such as Muggins.

All you need to download the Free Winks is your Windows Live Messenger email address. Open this link in Internet Explorer and be sure to have Messenger running and be signed in.

The promotion includes free use of the Kiwee personalized Winks features where you can add a photo and text to make your own custom wink. Read more about personalized winks here.

This is most likely a limited time promotion in order to gain some publicity for the Kiwee brand, so if you really love your winks, icons and other messenger graphics, take this rare opportunity and download all you want, legally!

As we mentioned above, you need Windows Live Messenger to get the Winks, etc. MSN Messenger users will be prompted to download Live Messenger 8.0!

Enjoy the Free Kiwee Winks!

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