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MSN Emoticons: 2012 New Year emoticons and smileys
Animated Emoticons

The end of another year is here and it's time to welcome 2012! For this special occasion, you can grab a very special emoticon collection. Use these smileys to send your new year wishes to all your friends and family.

2012 new year Happy 2012 Happy New Year glitter 2012 Countdown
Get the free New Year smileys - Click Here!

These 2012 emoticons are really cool. You can also browse all of the animated smiley faces in the New Year section. There you can browse them one by one. We really hope you like them and enjoy using them during the holidays!

Posted on Friday, December 30 @ 06:42:12 UTC (33825 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Free animated smileys for Thanksgiving!
Animated Emoticons

It's that special time of the year when people just can't stop talking and thinking about Turkeys... yes, Thanksgiving is upon us once again. It just wouldn't be the same without lots of Thanksgiving smileys, so check these out!

Turkey smiley Smiley riding Turkey Eating turkey emoticon smiley being eaten!
Get the free Thanksgiving smileys - Click Here!

Some of these are absolutely hilarious. You can also browse the animated smiley faces in the Thanksgiving gallery. There you can browse them one by one. We hope you check them out and enjoy using them.

Posted on Tuesday, November 22 @ 02:14:09 UTC (34548 reads)
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MSN Emoticons: Halloween smileys! Lots of scary emoticons for download
Animated Emoticons

It's time for Halloween again... and that means lots of scary and spooky smileys! Check them out and send them to your friends.

Get the scary halloween smileys!
Download Halloween Smileys - Click Here!

If you're after the traditional type, go to our Halloween emoticons page where you can find just about every scary emoticon imaginable! If you want to try something new, we've got some very cool Talking smileys for Halloween which are guaranteed to entertain!

Posted on Saturday, October 29 @ 11:19:21 UTC (34919 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: Valentine and Love Emoticons, Smileys and MSN Display Pics for Valentine's Day!
Animated Emoticons

Just in time for Valentine's Day, here is a new theme pack containing lots of Love and Valentine MSN Emoticons, Smileys, Display Pictures and MSN Icons!

Valentine and Love MSN emoticons, Display Pictures and Icons
Download Love theme pack for Messenger

Posted on Friday, February 09 @ 18:17:11 UTC (17963 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: Cartoon Emoticons, Cartoon MSN Icons & Emotions! Simpsons, Family Guy emoticons
Animated Emoticons

Our collection of free Emoticons and Smileys just got bigger, with the addition of a brand new collection of Cartoon Emoticons. Many of these Cartoon Emotions and Icons are animated.

Simpsons Cartoon Emoticons Family Guy Emoticons South Park Emoticons Family Guy Icons
Download Cartoon Emoticons
Pack contains 30+ cartoon emoticons

All of the Cartoon MSN Icons and Smileys install automatically to MSN and Live Messenger.

Posted on Thursday, November 02 @ 04:54:45 UTC (37255 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: Word Emoticons! Free Animated MSN Word Emoticons
Animated Emoticons

We've updated our collection of free Text and Word Emoticons which was released last month! This time around we've added lots more Word Emoticons to the pack, as requested by you.

LOL MSN EmoticonSup Word EmoticonHello Word Emoticon
Download MSN Word Emoticons
There are lots more Word Emoticons in the pack.

Posted on Saturday, October 14 @ 03:30:54 UTC (56368 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: New MSN Text and Word Emoticons, download MSN words and animated text emoticons
Animated Emoticons

By popular demand, we've added a brand new set of Text and Word Emoticons for Messenger! These icons (preview below) are used to replace text and words in MSN Messenger chats with cool and fancy emoticons.

MSN Letters LOL MSN EmoticonCool MSN Letters

+ Download Full Text and Words Pack

Posted on Wednesday, September 27 @ 09:07:59 UTC (97311 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: MSN Icons: Funny and Cute MSN Icon in free downloads
Animated Emoticons
Free MSN Icons

More free MSN Icons have been added to the site in the Animated Emoticons for MSN Messenger pages.

This Icon pack contains lots of Cute MSN Icons as well as Funny MSN Icons! You can install these free MSN Icons into MSN Messenger by downloading them below.

+ Download Super Yellow Icons for MSN

Posted on Sunday, February 26 @ 02:51:46 UTC (12835 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: New Adult Emoticons Added: Rude & Adult Emoticons for MSN
Animated Emoticons

We have added a new section of Adult Emoticons where you can get rude emoticons for MSN Messenger! Just check out some these adult MSN emoticons and smileys from the Adult Emoticons section.

Adult MSN Emoticons
Adult Emoticons

There are lots more high quality adult emoticons available for free download and use, click the link above to download them, More rude and adult smileys coming very shortly (including lots of the talking adult MSN emotions)!

Posted on Monday, January 16 @ 01:46:11 UTC (147197 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: New! Free Animated & Talking Smileys, Emotions & Icons for MSN!
Animated Emoticons

Did you know that you can now use free talking smileys in MSN Messenger? These new smileys are animated and can talk as well, so expressing your emotions in MSN has never been any easier with sound from these talking smileys!

If you want to see what these new Free MSN Smileys look and sound like, just go to the Free Talking MSN Smileys page!

Also check out the sections of...

Check back for more Talking Smileys soon!

Posted on Sunday, October 02 @ 02:08:52 UTC (16013 reads)
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Animated Emoticons: New Super Yellow MSN Smileys - Free Animated MSN Smileys
Animated Emoticons

We have added a new set of Super Yellow Animations for MSN Messenger 7. This is the 4th pack of MSN Smileys in this series. Check out this animated preview of the smileys!

Free Animated MSN Smileys an d Smiley Faces!
Click Here to Install these Free MSN Smileys!

Need even more Free and Animated MSN Smileys, Emoticons, Icons or Emotions? Then head over to our Free MSN Smileys page!

Get more free MSN Messenger downloads:

Lots more smileys coming up soon!

Posted on Saturday, October 01 @ 03:00:18 UTC (11513 reads)
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