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MSN Emoticons

Welcome to our MSN Emoticons section. Here you can find collections of the best Free MSN Emoticons available for MSN Messenger. Just download the emoticon sets you like and start using them in Messenger conversations with your friends!

Emoticons play a very important part in online conversations. They allow you to express yourself and your feelings in ways just not possible by using text! Start browsing the Emoticons!

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Free Animated MSN Emoticons

Animated Emoticons

Here are some animated emoticons for MSN Messenger 7! Click to download.

Animated MSN Emoticons   Animated Emoticons

MSN Emoticon Set 12
emoticon pack 12
A fantastic set of msn emoticons!

messenger emoticons set 12
Best Of The Best Emoticons
Best of the best emoticons
A collection of the absolute best emoticons, from the Mnemic series.

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War Emoticons
MSN Emoticons #3
Emoticons all about guns and warfare!

Download Messenger Emoticons
Long Emoticons
Long emoticons for MSN Messenger
Long emoticons for MSN Messenger, easy to use.

long moticons for msn
Love Emoticons
Love emoticon set for Messenger
All the love emoticons you will ever need to use in MSN.

Get the Love emoticons!
Cyclops Emoticons
MSN Cyclops Emoticons
Cyclops Emoticons: One-Eyed emoticons for MSN!

Download Cyclops Emoticons!
MSN Emoticon Pack 1
MSN Emoticon
A cool and original emoticon set for MSN Messenger, by MNeMiC.

MSN Emoticons
MSN Emoticon Pack 2
MSN Emoticon
The second set of emoticons for MSN Messenger.

MSN Emoticons
MSN Emoticon Set 5
5th emoticon set
The 5th emoticon set created by Mnemic.

MSN emoticons
MSN Emoticon Set 7
emoticons for MSN
Another great set of MSN Messenger emoticons.

MSN Emoticon Set 8
emoticon set for MSN
The 8th installment in the Mnemic emoticon series.

messenger emoticons
MSN Emoticon Set 9
MSN Messenger emoticons
This is one of the best sets of emoticons by Mnemic.

MSN Messenger Emoticon
Arms Emoticons
arms for emoticons
'Arms' that can be added to any emoticon, and other cool emtoicons!

messenger emoticons set 11
Text Emoticons
Word emoticons for MSN
Cool words and abbreviations that can be used in MSN!
Lots of Text MSN Emoticons and Words MSN Emotions as well as cool letters!
Also see these word emoticons

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More Emoticons

To get the latest info, visit our new emoticons section using the main navigation. We've put up our full collection of totally free smileys and emoticons here for your browsing.

Still looking for more emoticons to liven up your MSN Messenger? Check out the items below to get a lot more, cool emoticons!

Smiley Central

Smiley Central provides over 10,000 free animated emoticons for MSN Messenger! Click on the banner below to continue to their site and download their software.

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Emoticon guides and tutorials

If you need help with using these emoticons, or need some general emoticon information, check out the MSN Emoticons Guide. If you need some help in adding and using the emoticons in MSN Messenger, check out the Guide to adding emoticons!

And if you're interested in creating your very own emoticons, check these Emoticon Tutorials for some info.

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