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Adult Emoticons

Get free Adult Emoticons and Smileys for use in MSN Messenger and other Messengers such as Yahoo Messenger and AIM!

Most of these emoticons are quite rude and are intended for ADULTS, you've been warned!

Free Adult Emoticons and Smileys

Here is a preview of some of the Adult Emoticons you can get:

Adult Emoticons


Adult Smileys

All of these available adult MSN Emoticons, are of very high quality, and most of them include sounds, which makes these rude and dirty emoticons very cool to use!

Adult Emoticons in MSN

All of the adult emoticons and smileys will work in MSN Messenger (like MSN 7.0, 7.5 and MSN 8.0). You will be able to use the Adult MSN Emoticons in conversations with your MSN contacts. The free adult Emoticons for MSN Messenger are fast to install and very easy to use. So, download the Free Adult MSN Emotions from above!

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