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News: Free Muggins! Get free Kiwee Muggins for MSN and Live Messenger
Free Muggins

Last week we told you about getting free Free Kiwee Content. Well, as part of this promotion, Muggins are also free!

So go ahead and create as many Muggins as you wish while they're still free! Click here to get a free Kiwee Muggin.

Posted on Saturday, October 14 @ 04:44:16 UTC (43918 reads)
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News: Free MSN Icons to celebrate Messenger's birthday!

The world's most popular IM client, MSN Messenger (and Windows Live Messenger), will turn 7 years old this coming Saturday! To help celebrate this huge milestone, two of Messenger's content partners are providing Messenger users with free content packs (Dynamic Display Pictures, Free MSN Icons, Emoticons and MSN Backgrounds!).

Free Messenger Icons  MSN Icons  Free Icons

To install the content into MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, just visit the websites of the content providers and follow their instructions. You'll have your Messenger birthday Avatars and MSN Icons installed within a few minutes. Here are the links:

We'll be adding more free Messenger content very shortly.

Posted on Thursday, July 20 @ 13:35:10 UTC (19095 reads)
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News: CE/DP Stealer 3.0 for MSN Messenger 6 and 7

CE/DP Stealer, the original MSN Messenger content stealer is back! With the CE/DP Stealer, you can steal Emoticons, Display Pictures and more from your contacts on MSN Messenger 6/7.

MSN Emoticons and Display Picture Stealer 3.0 - Steal MSN Emoticons and Display Pics
Download Now

CE/DP Stealer 3.0 introduces complete MSN Messenger 7 support, support for previewing all image types and plenty of improvements throughout the software! For more details and information visit the CE/DP Stealer 3 section.

Download CE/DP Stealer and start robbing your MSN Messenger contacts!

Download CEDP Stealer 3.0 for MSN Messenger 6 and 7

Posted on Wednesday, February 16 @ 08:41:31 UTC (16277 reads)
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News: Backup your MSN Display Pictures & Emoticons

The Custom Emoticon/Display Picture Backup Wizard is a utility for backing up the custom content, like MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons, that you have added to your MSN Messenger account (MSN 6.2, 7.0 or 7.5).

This is useful if you have a lot of emoticons and display pics and can't afford to lose them, have lost the original files, need to re-use the files on another account. If you previously lost your files, MSN Messenger doesn't always delete them so you may be able to recover some images as well. This utility is for anyone that uses a large amount of custom content in MSN Messenger and cant afford to lose them.

MSN Emoticons and Display Pics Backup Wizard

Currently supports backup for MSN Emoticons, Backgrounds and MSN Display Pictures. Compatible with MSN Messenger 6 and 7.

+ Click here for a large screenshot.

+ Download Custom Emoticon / Display Picture Backup Wizard - [43 KB]

Visit the backup wizard page for the latest version and information.

Posted on Saturday, June 12 @ 17:21:19 UTC (197452 reads)
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News: MSN Messenger 6.2 Released
MSN Messenger 6.2
MSN 6.2 is now out, Download MSN Messenger 6.2 here :

-> Download MSN Messenger 6.2

No major changes are present here, most of the old tools are working including the CE/DP Stealer.

For those of you who don't know, the CE/DP Stealer is a tool to steal your MSN contacts display pictures and emoticons. Download it right here:

Steal MSN Emoticons and Display Pictures

+ Download Emoticon/Display Picture Stealer

You can also get your hands on the thousands of free MSN emoticons and Display Pics available here to have some extra fun with MSN 6.2!

MSN 6.2 Emoticons MSN 6.2 Free Emoticons

Visit the MSN EMOTICONS sections for thousands more!

A lot of high-quality display pictures are available in the free display picture section:

simpsons MSN emoticons and display pictures mood display pictures

Visit the MSN DISPLAY PICTURES for free MSN display picture packs.

Posted on Thursday, April 22 @ 14:01:15 UTC (24331 reads)
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News: New MSN Emoticons - 3 New Custom Emoticon Packs

Emoinstaller, the software that automatically installs MSN emoticons along with proper custom emoticon shortcuts has just released 3 new MSN custom emoticon packs/sets.

These packs include Classic Green MSN emoticons, an exclusive new emoticon pack called E-Skimo by Josh and another new exclusive pack called Fusion by new kid on the block Nemuis.

Download these awesome new MSN emoticon packs right here by clicking on the previews below!

New MSN Emoticons MSN emoticons and MSN emoticon packs for free download Custom Emoticons

These new packs bring up the number of Emoinstaller MSN emoticons packs released to 15 MSN Custom emoticons packs. If you missed out on the other MSN emoticon packs, visit the Emoinstaller website for more automatically installing MSN emoticons!

Posted on Thursday, January 08 @ 10:31:37 UTC (13169 reads)
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News: EmoInstaller Launched!

Emoinstaller is a brand new product created in a joint venture between this site and ItsElephants. This amazing software installs custom emoticon packs into MSN Messenger AUTOMATICALLY with proper shortcuts in around 30 seconds with a few clicks.

Moreover, The Emoinstaller custom emoticon sets for MSN Messenger are of exceptionally high quality. 4 Custom Emoticon sets have been released so far, Download them here:

Download these emoticon installers NOW!

Posted on Monday, December 22 @ 14:56:48 UTC (8532 reads)
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Light Blue Custom Emoticon Pack
The light blue Custom Emoticon pack for MSN Messenger 6 created by JetSki:
  • Light Blue Custom Emoticons

  • Posted on Tuesday, December 16 @ 19:43:09 UTC (8323 reads)
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    News: Added new programs and display pictures
    Finally an update with three new items :
  • Display Picture Adder/Remover
    Utility for swiftly adding and removing your display pics. Add/Remove 100's of your MSN 6 Display Pictures in seconds.
  • MSN 6 Backup/Restore
    Utility for backing up your MSN Messenger 6 Custom emoticons/Display pictures/Backgrounds and restoring them later. Great utility if you mess around with your emoticons, now you don't have to worry about losing them!
  • Disgusting Display Pictures for MSN 6
    Make your online buddies feel sick with these disgusting display pictures created by me. (Not for the weak hearted)
  • Posted on Tuesday, October 07 @ 05:20:53 UTC (9160 reads)
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    News: MSN 6 Custom Emoticons and Display Pictures
    Added a Display Pic pack and a Custom Emoticon set :
  • Jellitons Display Pictures Pack
    Display picture pack by DeViL. 23 beautifully crafted display pics.
  • XP Custom Emoticons Pack by Shahnawaz
    Custom Emoticons set based on Windows XP.
  • Posted on Wednesday, September 17 @ 04:07:02 UTC (19338 reads)
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    News: Tons of Display Pictures and Custom Emoticons
    New Display Picture and Custom emoticon packs have been added.

    Display Piture Packs:
  • Display Picture pack 2 - 100 Display Pictures - 1.64 MB
  • Display Picture pack 3 - 100 Display Pictures - 855 KB
  • Display Picture pack 4 - 50 Display Pictures - 515 KB

    Custom Emoticon Packs :
  • Custom Emoticons Pack - 100 fabulous emoticons - 83 KB

    And finally, another great emoticon pack, containing 150+ marvelous emoticons by iE.
  • Mega Custom Emoticon Pack - 150+ Emoticons - 79 KB

    Don't forget, you can import all these beautiful Emoticons and Display Pics into messenger in a matter of minutes using the CE/DP Manager .
  • Posted on Friday, August 08 @ 01:58:49 UTC (11867 reads)
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    CE/DP Stealer 1.4.5
    I've updated the stealer once more with most of the reported bugs fixed .. report bugs at the forums.
  • CE/DP Stealer 1.4.5 - 74 KB

  • Posted on Thursday, August 07 @ 15:33:46 UTC (24459 reads)
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    News: Custom Emoticon and Display Picture Stealer 1.4
    Custom Emoticon and Display Picture Stealer version 1.4 is now released !
    New features include :
  • New algorithm - Faster than ever before!
  • Delete specific images
  • Right click menu for better functionality
  • Manual rename allowing you to save images with filenames you set

  • So what are you waiting for? Download it right here !
  • CE/DP Stealer 1.4 - 70 KB

  • Visit the Forums for help/bug reports.
    Posted on Wednesday, August 06 @ 20:05:06 UTC (11344 reads)
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    News: CE/DP Manager Now Online !
    CE/DP Manager is a utility to make managing MSN 6 custom content easier. It contains 4 great tools and they are :
  • CE Importer to add many emoticons quickly and automatically - Great for importing custom emoticon packs.
  • DP Importer to add many display pictures swiftly - Very handy for importing Display Picture packs.
  • CE Dispatcher for sending all your emoticons to someone. Great for sharing your custom emoticons.
  • Backup/Restore for backing up your CE/DP and backgrounds. Very useful if your always messing with your emoticons etc
  • Screenshot right here

    What are you waiting for ? Download it right HERE or from the download section!
    For help/bug reports etc visit the forums.
  • Posted on Sunday, July 27 @ 07:33:27 UTC (12358 reads)
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    News: Site updated
    The site has been updated with some cool new content.
    Added to the download section :

    An MSN 6 Hooking example, 2 Font Packs, a VBScript reference and a few other files.

    Also added some online tools for PHP-Nuke (module/block maker), and a few other things (Domain look-up , 1337ifier)

    And also added some games to play !
    Posted on Wednesday, July 16 @ 00:42:46 UTC (7774 reads)
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