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News: Free Muggins! Get free Kiwee Muggins for MSN and Live Messenger
Posted on Saturday, October 14 @ 04:44:16 UTC
Free Muggins

Last week we told you about getting free Free Kiwee Content. Well, as part of this promotion, Muggins are also free!

So go ahead and create as many Muggins as you wish while they're still free! Click here to get a free Kiwee Muggin.


A Muggin is a dynamic Display Picture for Messenger. Think of it as your very own, fully customizable avatar with moods. It's mood changes based on what you type during your conversation. Try :), :D or :( to try it out.

When creating your free MSN Muggins, you'll get to choose a character, it's clothing, the backgrounds settings and you can even add props and accessories. You can customize the Muggin's moods, clothes, hairstyle, skin color, shoes, etc. and lots of other color customizations.



A great alternative to Muggins are Zwinkys. A Zwinky works in a similar way, you pick your character and dress it up. However, you can also use your Zwinky in other places such as blogs (MySpace, etc).

To find out more about Zwinkies, or how to create a Zwinky visit the Zwinky section.

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