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MSN Names: Stealing MSN Names and copying Nicknames in Live Messenger!
Posted on Sunday, February 04 @ 04:34:19 UTC
MSN Names

Users of Windows Live Messenger can use this new guide to rob their contacts of their MSN Nicknames!

Read the Nickname Copying Guide and start copying MSN Names.

Stealing MSN Names

To copy an MSN Name in Windows Live Messenger, just follow these 6 easy steps:

Stealing or Copying MSN Names
  1. Open up the Windows Live Messenger contact list which shows all your buddies
  2. Make sure your contact list is set to view contacts by their Display Name
  3. Find the contact whose MSN Name you want to copy/steal and click their name to select it
  4. Now press F2 on your keyboard, the contact's MSN Name should become highlighted (see picture above)
  5. Now simply right click the highlighted nickname text and click Copy from the menu
  6. That's it, you can now use the copied MSN Nickname as you wish!

This is probably the easiest way to copy a Display Name in Windows Live Messenger, as you do not need any extra programs to copy anyones Nickname with a few clicks. You can also copy MSN nicknames from contacts that are offline.

Please note that this technique only works for MSN Names and not personal messages. You can also copy contact e-mail addresses if your contact list view is set to e-mail address mode.

Why would you copy MSN Names?

There are many reasons to copy a nickname from a contact. For example, a contact may have added a website address in their nickname (of course, URLs within Nicknames are not 'click-able' in Messenger) so you could copy it and visit it. You can also use this method to copy those cool and funny quotes some contacts have in their MSN Names.

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