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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: MSN Messenger 8.0 renamed to Windows Live Messenger 8.0!
Posted on Saturday, November 05 @ 07:20:54 UTC
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

Microsoft has announced that the next version of MSN Messenger will not be known as MSN Messenger 8.0 but instead will be called Windows Live Messenger!

MSN Messenger 7.5 will be the last version of the Messenger software software released under that name. MSN Messenger 8.0 will be known as Windows Live Messenger 8.0. The Messenger 8.0 BETA is expected within the next 2 months.

The first release of MSN 8.0 is not expected to introduce Yahoo Messenger compatibility. An MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA download has also been leaked, and is expected to be the last version of the Messenger software to be marketed under the MSN brand.

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