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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: Windows Live Messenger 8.1 released - Live Messenger 8.1.0178
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

The latest version of Windows Live Messenger has been finally released. Find out what's new and Download it.

Posted on Tuesday, January 30 @ 02:52:58 UTC (118071 reads)
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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA now public - Download MSN 8.0
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

Since last week, Microsoft has has made the MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA public, so everyone can now download MSN 8.0! Click Here to sign-up and instantly download MSN 8.0!

You no longer need an invitation to use Windows Live Messenger 8.0, but you still do need to complete the (quick) sign up process for the BETA program to get your account enabled and download the Messenger 8.0 software.

Posted on Sunday, March 26 @ 07:14:56 UTC (1466310 reads)
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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: New Live/MSN Messenger 8.0 Display Pictures - MSN 8.0 Display Pictures
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

Here are some brand new MSN Display Pictures based on the upcoming MSN Messenger 8.0 AKA Windows Live Messenger. Just save the display pictures from below.

MSN Messenger 8.0 Display Pictures MSN Messenger 8.0 Live Messenger 8.0 MSN Avatar MSN Messenger 8.0 Buddies

So far Green seems to be the theme color for MSN Messenger 8.0!

MSN 8.0 Emoticons & Smileys and some more MSN 8.0 avatars coming shortly!

Posted on Wednesday, November 09 @ 06:33:59 UTC (123998 reads)
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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: MSN Messenger 8.0 renamed to Windows Live Messenger 8.0!
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

Microsoft has announced that the next version of MSN Messenger will not be known as MSN Messenger 8.0 but instead will be called Windows Live Messenger!

MSN Messenger 7.5 will be the last version of the Messenger software software released under that name. MSN Messenger 8.0 will be known as Windows Live Messenger 8.0. The Messenger 8.0 BETA is expected within the next 2 months.

The first release of MSN 8.0 is not expected to introduce Yahoo Messenger compatibility. An MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA download has also been leaked, and is expected to be the last version of the Messenger software to be marketed under the MSN brand.

Posted on Saturday, November 05 @ 07:20:54 UTC (28023 reads)
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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA - MSN 8.0 & Yahoo Messenger Interoperability
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

MSN Messenger 8.0 is expected to go into BETA testing within the next month or so. This follows the recently announced partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo which will allow users of MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger to connect to each other using either client.

MSN Messenger 8.0 with Yahoo Interoperability is set to be released sometime in the second quarter of 2006.

The MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA will be available through Microsoft Connect.

Posted on Sunday, October 23 @ 04:03:43 UTC (21070 reads)
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