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WLM/MSN Messenger 8: MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA now public - Download MSN 8.0
Posted on Sunday, March 26 @ 07:14:56 UTC
WLM / MSN Messenger 8

Since last week, Microsoft has has made the MSN Messenger 8.0 BETA public, so everyone can now download MSN 8.0! Click Here to sign-up and instantly download MSN 8.0!

You no longer need an invitation to use Windows Live Messenger 8.0, but you still do need to complete the (quick) sign up process for the BETA program to get your account enabled and download the Messenger 8.0 software.

Please note that Microsoft may stop the instant sing-up and download process in the future if there are more users than the BETA service can handle, so it may be a good idea to sign-up and download MSN 8.0 as soon as possible!

If you still have some unused Windows Live Messenger 8.0 invitations, you should still send them to your friends and family to spread the word about Messenger 8.0!

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