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MSN Display Pictures: CE/DP Stealer 5.0 - updated Stealer for MSN and Windows Live Messenger!
Posted on Saturday, August 19 @ 11:43:38 UTC
MSN Display Pictures

The CE/DP Stealer was recently updated to include compatibility with the new Windows Live Messenger!

For new users, the CE/DP Stealer allows you to steal graphics such as MSN Display Pics and Emoticons from your contacts on MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. To read more about the Stealer, click here.

MSN Emoticons and Display Picture Stealer 5.0 - Now works with Windows Live Messenger!
Download Now

CE/DP Stealer 5 supports these languages!

This version of the Stealer also features an updated help file and several other small bug fixes.

Download CE/DP Stealer 5.0 and rob your MSN Messenger and Live Messenger friends!

Download CEDP Stealer 5.0 for MSN Messenger and MSN Live - Steal MSN Display Pictures, MSN Icons, Smileys and MSN Avatars!

So what can I steal from my friends? You can steal their Display Pictures (MSN Icons, pics, Avatars, etc) as well as their Emoticons (this includes both standard MSN Smileys and Animated Emoticons and Smileys)! The Stealer will also attempt to gather any other images related to your MSN and Live Messenger contacts.

With full support for MSN Live, you'll be robbing your Messenger contacts of their MSN Pictures with CE/DP Stealer 5.0 in next to no time!

CE/DP Stealer also works with MSN Messenger 6 and 7 (MSN 7.5 included).

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