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MSN Names: 3 new Weirdmakers added! Weird MSN writing and funky letters for MSN Names
MSN Names
Weird MSN writing

The Weirdmaker has been updated with 3 new weirdmaker writing styles! Go ahead and play with the WeirdMaker!

Posted on Saturday, February 10 @ 17:46:32 UTC (758585 reads)
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MSN Names: Stealing MSN Names and copying Nicknames in Live Messenger!
MSN Names

Users of Windows Live Messenger can use this new guide to rob their contacts of their MSN Nicknames!

Read the Nickname Copying Guide and start copying MSN Names.

Posted on Sunday, February 04 @ 04:34:19 UTC (28396 reads)
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MSN Names: New Love MSN Names and Nicknames added for Valentine's day! Valentine Names
MSN Names

With Valentine's day coming up, lots of Messenger users are looking for a fresh Love MSN Name. So to celebrate Valentines this year, we've added over 60 Valentine MSN Names!

View the Love MSN Names for Valentines or continue reading to find out more!

Posted on Thursday, February 01 @ 10:11:31 UTC (22015 reads)
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MSN Names: MSN Weirdmaker! Make weird MSN writing, Letters and Names with the weirdmaker
MSN Names

After many requests, we've finally added a Weirdmaker to the website. Go create some weird MSN writing and letters with the Weirdmaker!

If you aren't very familiar with weirdmakers, read the full post about the MSN Weirdmaker.

Posted on Monday, January 29 @ 12:15:12 UTC (1277165 reads)
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MSN Names: New Years MSN Names - New Year 2007 Nicknames, screen names & quotes
MSN Names

In what is probably the final Nicknames update for 2006, we've added a set of fresh New Year MSN Names. Happy New Year!

Click here to view the New Year MSN Names!

Posted on Thursday, December 28 @ 06:44:51 UTC (16507 reads)
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MSN Names: Bonus Christmas Names for MSN! New Christmas MSN screen names and quotes added
MSN Names

With Christmas almost here, we've added a bonus batch of Christmas MSN Names, Enjoy!

Click here to view the MSN Names!

Posted on Wednesday, December 20 @ 08:56:06 UTC (11823 reads)
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MSN Names: Halloween names, MSN nicknames, funny halloween screen names and quotes
MSN Names

With Halloween approaching, we've added some halloween MSN Names and nicknames for you to use in Messenger.

Click Here to get the Halloween Names!

Posted on Saturday, October 07 @ 12:18:37 UTC (37254 reads)
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MSN Names: Funny MSN Names - The Funniest MSN Messenger Nicknames!
MSN Names

Are you looking for Funny MSN Names? You can now download a set of the funniest nicknames for easy use in MSN Messenger!

Funny MSN Names - Free Download!

You can also browse lots of funny names in the Funny MSN Messenger Names.

Posted on Saturday, March 12 @ 01:25:05 UTC (34000 reads)
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MSN Names: Love MSN Names
MSN Names

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new compilation of Love MSN Names for download!

The Love MSN Names compilation provides you with the greatest Love MSN Messenger nick names for you to use for Valentine's Day or just in general.

Love MSN Names

+ Download Love MSN Names

Quick Download, Easy Setup, Lots of fun! You'll have access to the best Love MSN names in a matter of seconds!

You can also browse the Love MSN Names category of the MSN Names section for more nicknames!

Posted on Saturday, January 22 @ 19:03:56 UTC (7797 reads)
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MSN Names: Valentine's Day MSN Names - Valentine Names for MSN Messenger
MSN Names

A new MSN Names section has been added to the database: Valentine MSN Names!

This section contains lots of names for MSN Messenger relating to love and of course, Valentine's Day.

Visit the Valentine's Day MSN Names category now and surf the names!

More MSN Names :
Cool MSN Names
Funny MSN Names
Cute MSN Names
Love MSN Names

Posted on Friday, January 21 @ 07:59:54 UTC (9413 reads)
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MSN Names: Christmas MSN Names Update
MSN Names

We've updated the Christmas names section with some new names for those of you who are looking for some great MSN Names for the holiday season.

  • Browse Christmas MSN Names
  • Browse the other MSN Names

  • Posted on Sunday, December 19 @ 07:49:30 UTC (9626 reads)
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    MSN Names: Christmas MSN Names
    MSN Names

    A brand new Christmas MSN Names section has been added to the MSN Names database, where you can grab some cool christmas related names for MSN Messenger this holiday!

    Christmas Candy Cane

    If you've got some Christmas related names and would like to share them with everyone else, you can Submit your MSN Names.

    Posted on Saturday, December 11 @ 23:15:15 UTC (7448 reads)
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