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MSN Names: Halloween names, MSN nicknames, funny halloween screen names and quotes
Posted on Saturday, October 07 @ 12:18:37 UTC
MSN Names

With Halloween approaching, we've added some halloween MSN Names and nicknames for you to use in Messenger.

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Halloween Display Pictures and Emoticons
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Halloween Names and Nicknames

Here are the Halloween screen names and quotes. We'll be adding some more funny quotes in the coming days.

  • :[ Happy Halloween :[
  • Halloween... the only day your parents let you take candy from strangers!
  • I was wondering... is that ur real face or did I just miss halloween?
  • I'm looking for a halloween costume, can I look through u're wardrobe :P
  • Can I have ur pic so I can show mum what I want to look like for Halloween?
  • No one is too old to have fun getting free candy!
  • Yo mama so ugly, they moved halloween to her birthday.
  • (6) Happy Halloween (6)
  • 365 days of the year parents tell their children not to take candy from strangers, but on halloween its encouraged!

GOT HALLOWEEN NAMES? - Add them here by submitting them to us!

Some of these nicknames have got emoticons embedded, just paste the name into Messenger (MSN or Live) and you'll see the emoticons appear.

Want even more MSN Names? Go here. For Halloween messenger graphics you can download our selection of Halloween Display Pictures, MSN Icons and Winks! Emoticon fans should also try our Halloween Smileys. Enjoy and have a great halloween.

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