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News: CE/DP Manager Now Online !
Posted on Sunday, July 27 @ 07:33:27 UTC
CE/DP Manager is a utility to make managing MSN 6 custom content easier. It contains 4 great tools and they are :
  • CE Importer to add many emoticons quickly and automatically - Great for importing custom emoticon packs.
  • DP Importer to add many display pictures swiftly - Very handy for importing Display Picture packs.
  • CE Dispatcher for sending all your emoticons to someone. Great for sharing your custom emoticons.
  • Backup/Restore for backing up your CE/DP and backgrounds. Very useful if your always messing with your emoticons etc
  • Screenshot right here

    What are you waiting for ? Download it right HERE or from the download section!
    For help/bug reports etc visit the forums.

  • Re: CE/DP Manager Now Online ! (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Tuesday, September 02 @ 16:50:40 UTC
    Please!!!! A help file!!! I have no idea what the hell the program does!!

    • CE/DP stealer by Anonymous on Tuesday, March 09 @ 00:28:36 UTC
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