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News: MSN Messenger 6.2 Released
Posted on Thursday, April 22 @ 14:01:15 UTC
MSN Messenger 6.2
MSN 6.2 is now out, Download MSN Messenger 6.2 here :

-> Download MSN Messenger 6.2

No major changes are present here, most of the old tools are working including the CE/DP Stealer.

For those of you who don't know, the CE/DP Stealer is a tool to steal your MSN contacts display pictures and emoticons. Download it right here:

Steal MSN Emoticons and Display Pictures

+ Download Emoticon/Display Picture Stealer

You can also get your hands on the thousands of free MSN emoticons and Display Pics available here to have some extra fun with MSN 6.2!

MSN 6.2 Emoticons MSN 6.2 Free Emoticons

Visit the MSN EMOTICONS sections for thousands more!

A lot of high-quality display pictures are available in the free display picture section:

simpsons MSN emoticons and display pictures mood display pictures

Visit the MSN DISPLAY PICTURES for free MSN display picture packs.

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