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rose giving smiley
Rose giving
i love you banner smiley
I Love You banner
smiley singing love song smiley
Smiley singing love song
smiley giving a gift smiley
Smiley giving a gift
heart in the sky smiley
Heart in the sky
love birds hugging smiley
Love birds hugging
love jelly smiley
Love Jelly
smiley with heart balloon smiley
Smiley with heart balloon
kissing smiley
smiley drawing a heart smiley
Smiley drawing a heart
smileys getting married smiley
Smileys getting married
love letter smiley
Love letter
be my valentine smiley
Be My Valentine
be mine smiley
Be Mine
be my valentine smiley
Be My Valentine
confused about love smiley
Confused about Love
flower smiley
flower basket smiley
Flower Basket
flowers smiley
glittery love ya smiley
Glittery Love Ya
heart balloon smiley
Heart Balloon
it's raining love smiley
It's Raining Love
true love smiley
True Love
valentine chocolate smiley
Valentine Chocolate
valentine proposal smiley
Valentine Proposal
sweet love smiley
Sweet Love
longing to find love smiley
Longing to Find Love
writing a love letter smiley
Writing a Love Letter
happy valentine's smiley
Happy Valentine's
opening a love letter smiley
Opening a Love Letter
a sign of my love smiley
A Sign of My Love
love you smiley
Love You
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All about Love

Love is described as an intense sense of emotion or affection for others and anything which brings pleasure into a person's experience, and thus encourages general well-being. According to many philosophies from various cultural backgrounds, expression of love for others and to be loved in return is the ultimate source of happiness for humans. The emotion of love has to be experienced in order to be understood, words cannot explain the depth of this emotional state. Love comes from God, to love and to be loved is what a person seeks all his life. There is a secret inclination in our nature towards loving others, Love replaces loneliness with intimacy and promotes the senses of hope and contentment.

Sharing Love through Smileys and Emoticons

There are many types of love which can be experienced at different levels. The most desirable form of love in human could be the interpersonal love which is the feeling of love and affection between human beings.

Since the beginning of time, man has always been searching for ways to convey these feelings to his loved one. This includes behaving in a certain manner in the presence of their loved one or the giving of gifts, to make them aware of these emotions. Many prefer to write to their beloved one in the form of love notes, love letters, emails, cards, and even through chat and Instant Messaging. This online usage has given birth to the idea of love emoticons and love smileys in the digital era.

Chat and IM provides a great way for lovers to keep in contact, even if they're separated by huge distances; this is why emoticons about love and romance are one of the most popular emoticon categories today. There are two types of love graphic:

Love Smileys
These usually feature the classic yellow smiley face. They're created with different expressions and messages to help the user to easily express his or her feelings by simply sending those smileys through email or Instant Messages.
Love Emoticons
These are the icons which are not necessarily made with the classic smiley faces. This type of icon can feature any love related item such as a heart, a flower, ring, etc.

Although this is the correct way of naming the icons, the terms "smileys" and "emoticons" are mostly used interchangeably (as discussed in the main emoticons article).

Here at Sherv.NET, we've done our best to provide you with the finest collections of romantic love emoticons and smileys so that you can pass your most difficult-to-explain feelings to your special one by just a click of the mouse! Even though not as romantic as real words, sometimes a simple love emoticon says so much more than hundreds of your words could.

Love Emoticons for MSN/Live Messenger

MSN and Live Messenger only provide a very limited number of love-related emoticons: a red heart, a broken heart, a rose and 2 hug emoticons. While these default icons are quite lovely, they are very simplistic and do not feature any animation.

Although they certainly can't be used to describe every romantic situation, thanks to the custom emoticon functionality of Messenger, you can add any (or all) of our animated love emoticons to your MSN/Live Messenger and use them instead.

More about our romantic Love emoticons

Need an icon to tell your sweetheart or truelove how you feel? We've got all the free emoticons you need: hugs, kisses, teddy bears, cupid, hearts and many more romance smileys! We've got plenty of the frequently-requested "I Love You" and "Miss You" emoticons in our collections. Most of our icons are animations, and we only add smileys of the highest quality to the site.

Even if you're feeling heartbroken, lovesick or lovelorn - we've still got the right emoticons and smileys for you to convey your emotions and thoughts! Although not as many as our lovey-dovey smileys, we have heartbroken and break-up emoticons should you need them (but hopefully you won't!).

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