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Nervous smiley faces

Looking for an emoticon that is worried and nervous? Then this is the page for you. All the animated smileys here are full of anxiety! These graphics are all FREE to use for everyone, enjoy!

nail biting emoticon
Nail Biting
nervous emoticon
embarrassed smiley face emoticon
Embarrassed smiley face
suicidal smiley emoticon
Suicidal Smiley
scared smiley emoticon
Scared Smiley
afraid emoticon
twitching emoticon
scared and sweating emoticon
Scared and sweating
nervy guy emoticon
Nervy Guy
waiting emoticon
embarrassed emoticon
shy whistler emoticon
Shy Whistler
i'm worried emoticon
I'm worried
very nervous emoticon
Very Nervous
don't worry be happy emoticon
Don't Worry Be Happy
sad eyes emoticon
Sad Eyes
sweat emoticon
bugging out emoticon
Bugging Out
castaway emoticon
nervous prayer emoticon
Nervous prayer
cheer up emoticon
Cheer Up
very sad emoticon
Very Sad
sad to happy emoticon
Sad to Happy
don't be sad emoticon
Don't Be Sad
nervous turkey emoticon
Nervous turkey
sobbing sad don't worry emoticon
Sobbing Sad Don't Worry
mood swing emoticon
Mood Swing
eager emoticon
i can't look! emoticon
I Can't Look!
inside a washing machine emoticon
Inside a Washing machine
in disbelief emoticon
In Disbelief
i don't know emoticon
I Don't Know
confused emoticon
panic emoticon
watching my weight emoticon
Watching my Weight
anxious emoticon
fearful emoticon
blinking scared emoticon
Blinking scared
weight of the world emoticon
Weight of the World
blank look emoticon
Blank Look
bursting head emoticon
Bursting head
edgy emoticon
feeling awful emoticon
Feeling Awful
help emoticon
unsure emoticon
anxious mood ring emoticon
Anxious Mood Ring

There are 46 emoticons in the Nervous smiley faces pack.

Recent Comments:

You are looking so cute...

in shy whistler on 01 Jan, 2015

HI I LOVE YOU Eric your so hot and charming, you're just so nice. I mean...

in embarrassed... on 31 Dec, 2014

I want to save these so I can send one at different intervals.

in don't worry... on 02 Sep, 2014

cool! I like these emoticons. So just give me a code!

in nervous prayer on 24 Aug, 2014

these are really cute, can I have all of them free to me?

in cheer up on 18 Jul, 2014

Worried emoticons

These smiley faces are feeling pretty tense and wound up... something has got them very worried. If you're ever feeling this way, you can use one of these to show people how you feel. We hope that you can find the perfect smiley to demonstrate your mood.

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