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Shocked emoticons

Need a good emoticon for being shocked or surprised? We're sure we've got the perfect smiley face to help you express yourself. All of these animated smileys and clip art are free to download for everyone, so check them out!

facepalm smiley
open mouth surprised smiley
Open Mouth Surprised
shocked smiley
birthday surprise smiley
Birthday Surprise
facepalm hand gesture smiley
Facepalm Hand Gesture
fainting smiley
jaw drop smiley
Jaw drop
wow smiley
screaming smiley
startled smiley
jaw dropping smiley
Jaw Dropping
delightful surprise smiley
Delightful Surprise
shocked scream smiley
Shocked scream
flowers smiley
surprise smiley
freaking out smiley
Freaking Out
crazy smiley
dollar signs on eyes smiley
Dollar Signs on Eyes
shocked eyes smiley
Shocked eyes
surprise! smiley
oh! hello smiley
Oh! Hello
scary smiley screaming smiley
Scary Smiley Screaming
surprised smiley
can't believe my eyes smiley
Can't believe my eyes
panicking smiley
in disbelief smiley
In Disbelief
you don't say smiley
You Don't Say
open mouth smiley
Open mouth
happy anniversary of birth smiley
Happy Anniversary of Birth
animated amazed meme smiley
Animated Amazed Meme
surprised snake smiley
Surprised Snake
surprised scream smiley
Surprised scream
very shocked smiley
Very Shocked
wondering smiley
phone shock smiley
Phone Shock
yellow smiley surprised smiley
Yellow Smiley Surprised
scared alien monster smiley
Scared Alien Monster
wtf face smiley
WTF Face
big surprise smiley
Big surprise
surprised smiley
pleasant surprise smiley
Pleasant Surprise
freaked out smiley
Freaked Out
surprised mother of god smiley
Surprised Mother Of God
shocked smiley
green frog smiley
Green Frog
yikes! smiley
amazed face meme smiley
Amazed Face Meme
kitten exclaim smiley
Kitten Exclaim
you're nuts! smiley
You're Nuts!
surprise party smiley
Surprise Party
surprised partial face smiley
Surprised Partial Face
surprised bird smiley
Surprised bird
big surprise smiley
Big Surprise
gasp rage smiley
Gasp Rage
blank look smiley
Blank Look
what !? smiley
What !?
awestruck smiley
surprised look smiley
Surprised Look
surprised smiley
after boom smiley
After Boom
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Happy 63rd Birthday Day! 🎂🎂🎂

in delightful... on 02 Jul, 2021

Scream emojis for 2021! We need masked emojis for this year too.

in scary smiley... on 10 Apr, 2021

Wishing you all the good things in life! Live long and healthy and happy!

in birthday... on 18 Jan, 2020

(-‸ლ) This is a proper face palm text emoji.

in facepalm on 06 Dec, 2018

Happy Birthday AJ 💕💕💕

in delightful... on 22 Aug, 2018
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