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Angry Emoticons

Seeing red and about to blow a fuse? Express your anger with our free selection of animated angry emoticons and smileys. We all lose our tempers from time to time, and these little guys can help ease the frustration.

flipping the bird emoticon
Flipping the bird
beating head against the wall emoticon
Beating head against the wall
slapping emoticon
middle finger rude gesture emoticon
Middle Finger Rude Gesture
bang head on wall emoticon
Bang head on wall
3d smiley full of anger emoticon
3D smiley full of anger
angry smiley emoticon
Angry smiley
bash head emoticon
Bash Head
smashing laptop with bat emoticon
Smashing laptop with bat
bang head on desk emoticon
Bang head on desk
banging head on the wall emoticon
Banging head on the Wall
angry smiley face emoticon
Angry smiley face
pulling hair emoticon
Pulling Hair
whipping emoticon
angry emoticon
stabbing emoticon
swearing smiley face emoticon
Swearing smiley face
fist shake emoticon
Fist shake
angry old man emoticon
Angry old man
mad emoticon
smiley face shaking fist emoticon
Smiley face shaking fist
tearing hair emoticon
Tearing hair
angry argument emoticon
Angry argument
smiley on fire emoticon
Smiley on fire
mad smiley emoticon
Mad smiley
angry msn emoticon
Angry MSN
computer smash emoticon
Computer Smash
head bash emoticon
Head Bash
red angry face emoticon
Red angry face
smashing computer emoticon
Smashing computer
fuck! emoticon
pulling hair out emoticon
Pulling Hair Out
hitting computer emoticon
Hitting computer
cursing emoticon
banging head on keyboard emoticon
Banging Head on Keyboard
chainsaw emoticon
chair to the head emoticon
Chair to the Head
knee to head knockout emoticon
Knee to Head Knockout
angry dog barking emoticon
Angry Dog Barking
smiley face swearing emoticon
Smiley face swearing
i hate you emoticon
I Hate You
angry skull face emoticon
Angry Skull Face
pulling hair emoticon
Pulling Hair
you suck emoticon
You Suck
whipping emoticon
girl says no no emoticon
Girl Says NO NO
angry dog emoticon
Angry dog
road rage emoticon
Road Rage
very angry emoticon
Very Angry
angry wife smashing dishes emoticon
Angry wife smashing dishes
mad smiley bending rod emoticon
Mad smiley bending rod
crazy emoticon
3d smiley says no way emoticon
3D Smiley Says No Way
shut up emoticon
Shut Up
scornful emoticon
angry thumbs down emoticon
Angry thumbs down
cussing emoticon
mad no emoticon
Mad No
angry smiley face swearing emoticon
Angry smiley face swearing
cat attack emoticon
Cat attack
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It's so funny I'm using it in my Angry Mode 2048!...

in smashing... on 02 Nov, 2017

That one's Bert. Ernie doesn't have a monobrow.

in angry ernie on 02 Nov, 2017

That's the idea!! Brilliant

in head bash on 24 Jul, 2017

Downloading emojis How do I download the emoticons from your site?! Please...

in angry smiley... on 16 Jul, 2017

I don't see any download button to download this slapping emoji. And I am not...

in slapping on 15 Jul, 2017

Angry and mad smileys

Anger is one of the basic human emotions. We are born with the ability to become angry and express our feeling of dissatisfaction towards someone or something. As babies we cry and yell when we're upset about something and that's the only way of communication we know by nature. As grown-ups we try not to use that method of communication often, but that's not always the case. Showing that we are angry is sometimes the only way of getting the message across to others. Suppressed anger is the root and the cause of many behavioral disorders and illnesses, so don't feel guilty if you have an angry outburst from time to time.

Since anger is such a common emotion, we need lots of emoticons and smileys to express this feeling. Most chat programs only offer a limited number of angry smileys; For example, MSN/Live Messenger only has two emoticons for showing anger, the Angry Smile and Baring teeth smileys. Luckily we can add our own MSN Emoticons to Messenger and use them when we're pissed off or something angers us.

We have gathered a collection of descriptive animated angry emoticons which can be used for online communications. We've got all types of angry emoticons, whether you're just a little bit upset, irritated, mad, fuming or in an intense and aggressive rage, you'll find the right emoticon for it. Once you've got your anger under control, you can use some of our other emoticons to cheer up.

These angry emoticons work with MSN Messenger, also known as Windows Live Messenger (WLM) and other instant messaging programs of your choice. They are also compatible with MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, Facebook, Outlook, etc. Just use the emoticon codes we provide to paste them on forums, websites and emails. Nothing gets the message across better than a big, red, raging angry smiley!

If you're really feeling angered, you can also try making your own angry emoticon from a photo or picture. If you end up creating an even angrier emoticon than what we've got, be sure to send it to us. We try to add new angry smileys frequently, so check back often.

While venting your anger can be healthy from time to time, it might be a good idea to try and understand the cause of our anger and how you can control it. Responding angrily by flying off the handle when a difficult situation arises is not the best way to do things.

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