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This is the rude emoticons category, where you can find some of the most offensive smileys and rudest emoticons around!

cursor middle finger smiley
Cursor middle finger
msn middle finger smiley
MSN Middle Finger
middle finger smiley
Middle Finger
double middle finger smiley
Double middle finger
animated middle finger smiley
Animated middle finger
girl giving the finger smiley
Girl giving the finger
ipod middle finger smiley
iPod Middle Finger
fist to middle finger smiley
Fist to middle finger
george bush middle finger smiley
George Bush middle finger
angry smiley giving middle finger smiley
Angry smiley giving middle finger
spinning middle finger smiley
Spinning middle finger
pissed off smiley finger smiley
Pissed off smiley finger
flipping the bird smiley
Flipping the bird
smiley giving middle finger smiley
Smiley giving middle finger
flipping off smiley
Flipping off
the finger smiley
The Finger
middle finger cloud smiley
Middle Finger Cloud
middle finger baby smiley
Middle Finger Baby
playboy smiley
animated playboy smiley
Animated playboy
pink playboy question mark smiley
Pink playboy question mark
play toy smiley
Play Toy
i need drugs smiley
I need drugs
weed smiley
smiley smoking a cigar smiley
Smiley smoking a cigar
glitter weed smiley
Glitter weed
spinning weed smiley
Spinning weed
weed to joint smiley
Weed to Joint
cigarette smiley
smoking smiley smiley
Smoking smiley
smoking msn smiley
Smoking MSN
smoking pimp smiley
Smoking pimp
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He's looking THICK!! 🤤💦

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I love butt mooning emojis!

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I use this to jerk off to

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How do u get this app Tho💦😫

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From middle fingers, drugs and swearing to rude gestures and words, we've got all the rude and adult emoticons you bad boys and girls will ever need!

About the Smileys

A lot of these rude emoticons and smileys aren't just obscene, offensive and nasty. Most of them are funny and feature some (twisted) humor. Rude emoticons are a great way to show some attitude. Girls can use these emoticons too, and we know there are some 'bad girls' among you!

Nobody likes to be rude (well, almost nobody), but there are some occasions where a rude emoticon might be needed to get your point across. And then there are times when you need to return the rudeness to a certain person, or maybe to protect your reputation as the rudest person around! No matter what the case, you can download every rude smiley you will ever need right here on our site.

There are also varying degrees of rudeness, from funny or slightly impolite to very offensive. We've got 'em all, so that you can be as rude as you want to be! Although these emoticons are rude, we still try to keep things below a certain threshold. Be careful how you use these emoticons and smileys, you can easily insult or offend someone who may be sensitive.

Rude MSN Emoticons

Rude emoticons became very popular with MSN Messenger users when the custom emoticon support was added. This is probably because MSN Messenger doesn't have any rude MSN emoticons, not even as a hidden emoticon.

With Windows Live Messenger, the popularity of rude emoticons continues. There are now lots of moving and animated rude emoticons, which take things to a whole new level. As you probably know, emoticons can get much ruder when they're animated.

And finally remember, all of our rude emoticons are free to download. We'll never ask you to pay to use our rude smileys.

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