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Penguin emoticons

In this page we've got the cutest and funniest penguin emoticons on the web! These animations and smileys are free for everyone to use. Send them to your friends and have fun!

excited penguin smiley
Excited Penguin
happy feet smiley
Happy feet
evil penguin slap smiley
Evil Penguin Slap
sick penguin smiley
Sick Penguin
happy feet penguin smiley
Happy Feet Penguin
pingu crying smiley
Pingu Crying
penguin cuddle smiley
Penguin Cuddle
group dancing penguins smiley
Group Dancing Penguins
peppy dancing penguin smiley
Peppy Dancing Penguin
dancing penguin waving bye smiley
Dancing Penguin Waving Bye
cute penguins smiley
Cute Penguins
slapping penguin smiley
Slapping Penguin
peppy penguin funny face smiley
Peppy Penguin Funny Face
waving penguin smiley
Waving Penguin
dreaming penguin smiley
Dreaming Penguin
kissing penguin smiley
Kissing Penguin
socially awkward penguin meme smiley
Socially Awkward Penguin Meme
penguin waving goodbye smiley
Penguin Waving Goodbye
pittsburgh penguins flag smiley
Pittsburgh Penguins Flag
crying penguin smiley
Crying Penguin
penguin dancers smiley
Penguin Dancers
animated penguin smiley
Animated Penguin
very happy penguin smiley
Very Happy Penguin
penguin wave smiley
Penguin Wave
evil penguin smiley
Evil Penguin
pink penguin smiley
Pink Penguin
the penguin smiley
The Penguin
smile and wave madagascar penguins smiley
Smile And Wave Madagascar Penguins
lord stanley penguins smiley
Lord Stanley Penguins
slap penguin smiley
Slap Penguin
singing penguin smiley
Singing Penguin
guitar playing penguin smiley
Guitar Playing Penguin
3d penguin smiley
3D Penguin
backfliping penguin smiley
Backfliping Penguin
shy penguin smiley
Shy Penguin
awesome baby penguin smiley
Awesome Baby Penguin
pittsburg pens smiley
Pittsburg Pens
mexican wave penguin smiley
Mexican Wave Penguin
linux logo penguin smiley
Linux Logo Penguin
cat and penguins smiley
Cat and penguins
spinning penguin smiley
Spinning Penguin
madagascar penguin smiley
Madagascar Penguin
glitter penguin smiley
Glitter Penguin
asian penguin smiley
Asian Penguin
angry penguin smiley
Angry Penguin
fat penguin smiley
Fat Penguin
santa penguin smiley
Santa Penguin
rolling penguin smiley
Rolling Penguin
sad penguin smiley
Sad Penguin
pom: penguins of madagascar smiley
POM: Penguins Of Madagascar
walking penguin smiley
Walking Penguin
linux penguin smiley
Linux Penguin
smiling penguin face smiley
Smiling Penguin Face
penguins diving smiley
Penguins Diving
sad baby penguin smiley
Sad Baby Penguin
diving into water penguin smiley
Diving into Water Penguin
new penguin smiley
New Penguin
free penguin smiley
Free Penguin
club penguin smiley
Club Penguin
linux penguin face smiley
Linux Penguin Face
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Recent Comments:

Nice bro, now I feel like I want to slap my sister!

in evil penguin... on 06 Jun, 2016

How do you get these to Skype?

in cute penguins on 16 May, 2016

Tell e how to use and get this plaes๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

in slapping... on 29 Apr, 2016

I want shaping penguin

in evil penguin... on 29 Apr, 2016

I was guna be the first comment I like this but hot do I use it

in evil penguin... on 29 Apr, 2016

Penguin Smileys

We've also got some cool text versions of these penguins that you can make. They're not as flashy and vibrant as these animations, but they're still pretty awesome. Check them out using the link below.

To learn how to make penguin text art click here.
To see the text penguin emoticons click here.

You can send these as text smileys. They can be copied and pasted just about anywhere on the web. Check them out!

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