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Funny Emoticons set

Show your funny side with these funny emoticons! All of the emoticons are free to download, and each funny emoticon is animated and compatible with MSN.

shit emoticon
vomit emoticon
smiley throwing up emoticon
Smiley throwing up
kiss my ass emoticon
Kiss My Ass
mooning emoticon
fart emoticon
scary clowns emoticon
Scary Clowns
woman belly dancing emoticon
Woman belly dancing
slapping emoticon
perverted smiley face emoticon
Perverted smiley face
vomiting emoticon
i hate flies emoticon
I Hate Flies
pikachu emoticon
scared smiley face emoticon
Scared smiley face
frustrated user emoticon
Frustrated user
smiley kissing ass emoticon
Smiley kissing ass
puking emoticon
santa mooning emoticon
Santa Mooning
laughing man emoticon
Laughing man
farting smiley emoticon
Farting smiley
rude santa claus emoticon
Rude Santa Claus
dancing cat emoticon
Dancing Cat
msn buddy slapping emoticon
MSN buddy slapping
crazy emoticon
butt kisser emoticon
Butt kisser
mooning smiley face emoticon
Mooning smiley face
spongebob squarepants emoticon
Spongebob SquarePants
blowing raspberry emoticon
Blowing Raspberry
smiley face yawning emoticon
Smiley face yawning
booger eating nose picker emoticon
Booger eating nose picker
laurel and hardy dancing emoticon
Laurel And Hardy Dancing
reading on toilet emoticon
Reading on toilet
shit hits the fan emoticon
Shit hits the fan
pooping gymnastics emoticon
Pooping Gymnastics
funny dancing stickman emoticon
Funny Dancing Stickman
troll dad dancing emoticon
Troll Dad Dancing
smiley nose pick emoticon
Smiley nose pick
devil emoticon
santa flipping off emoticon
Santa flipping off
cookie monster emoticon
Cookie Monster
exploding hug emoticon
Exploding hug
bush shoe throw emoticon
Bush shoe throw
smiley drinking beer emoticon
Smiley drinking beer
funny good morning emoticon
Funny Good Morning
queen giving the finger emoticon
Queen Giving The Finger
smiley face farting emoticon
smiley face farting
crazy clown emoticon
Crazy Clown
smiley with black eye emoticon
Smiley with black eye
dancing kitten emoticon
Dancing Kitten
homer popping up emoticon
Homer popping up
banana riding llama emoticon
Banana riding llama
audience clapping emoticon
Audience Clapping
blowing a raspberry emoticon
Blowing a Raspberry
cheerful dancing baby emoticon
Cheerful Dancing Baby
weight lifting emoticon
Weight lifting
girl poking out tongue emoticon
Girl Poking Out Tongue
cat headphones emoticon
Cat Headphones
full of crap emoticon
Full of crap
teasing smiley sticking tongue out emoticon
Teasing Smiley Sticking Tongue Out
old man mooning emoticon
Old man mooning
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Recent Comments:

Awesome. Love emojis

in rude santa... on 25 Dec, 2017

Love the dancing emoticons and emojis. How do I download them and use on...

in troll dad... on 03 Dec, 2017

I've got to get it!

in winking and... on 14 Oct, 2017

Not too old to get down

in dancing cat on 11 Oct, 2017

Can these emojis and emoticons be downloaded onto an IPhone for texting? Can...

in old man mooning on 07 Oct, 2017

Funny Emoticon collection

You can enjoy the magical effect of these funny little animations and have a hearty laugh with them. Download these animated funny emoticons for free and add them into MSN and Live Messenger. Share them and make your online friends and messenger buddies have a laugh, they'll certainly enjoy their conversations with you even more. These Emoticons are funny enough to cheer up your buddies, and there is plenty of them in our emoticon collections.

Let's face it, the default Messenger emoticons are old and boring - everyone has seen them. There are some Funny emoticons MSN provides as their default MSN emoticons, but people usually get bored with them because they are limited in number and very small. Custom emoticons are the way to go, it makes sense to collect additional funny smileys and expand your emoticon collection. The more animated emoticons you have, the better your ability to express yourself in various occasions and circumstances.

Almost every day we receive requests for brand new funny emoticons that are compatible with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. Now you can browse through all of our funny emoticons with ease, we hope that you'll find what you're looking for. Don't forget to come back and check the very latest additions, funny animated emoticons are added all the time.

Have you got some funny pictures of your own that you would like to make into Emoticons and Icons? You can easily convert them into MSN Emoticons with our free Icon Maker. Try the icon maker and make your own emoticons and add them to Messenger! If you end up creating a really funny emoticon, be sure to send it to us. We're always looking to add more icons, to create the ultimate collection of the funniest emoticons on the planet!

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