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Shit hits the fan Emoticon

Shit hits the fan animated emoticon
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Here is a smiley who is just chilling and enjoying some cool air next to a fan. Next thing you know, a big turd comes flying in and hits the fan, splattering brown stuff all over his face! The phrase When the shit hits the fan is usually taken to mean that something chaotic and uncontrollable will happen when an event occurs. And you can use this smiley to tell your friends what this might look like... messy!

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User comments (8)

George said:27 Jun '18

Hello team!
Wow!! You have got some good stuff on your website! I would like to see your total inventory if it is available. Can you send it to me?

Me said:05 Dec '13

How do I do the fan emoticon?

SARA said:04 Jan '13

On FB in chat or wall comments just type in :poop: and it will show the brown poopy face!!!

Anonymous said:03 Jan '13

where do we find how to make the poop sign?

Anonymous said:25 Dec '12

the perfect signature for my email LoooL

Anonymous said:14 Jul '12

I can so relate to this today.... Jennie, Poo has just hit the fan please step in and clean up!

Anonymous said:20 Jun '12

lol.. ain't nothin like using this for a crappy post.

Methinksyes said:14 Aug '11

ahhh....hilarious!! loving the poo and poop atmosphere here!!

Details for shit hits the fan

Suggested shortcut: ;shitfn
Tags: shit, crap, turd, poop, poo, shite
Filename: shit-hits-the-fan.gif

  • The Shit hits the fan emoticon is Animated
  • Shit hits the fan icon file size: 20.68 kB (21178)
  • Added on 02 May, 2011
  • Last commented on 27 June, 2018
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Shit hits the fan' is animated in 31 frames, the animation is 0.62 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 56 by 43 pixels and has 213 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing 20 of 31 frames.

Codes for Shit hits the fan

To use the Shit hits the fan icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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