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Goodbye emoticons

It's not only nice to start up your chats with cool Hello emoticons from our free collection of everyday greeting smileys and emoticons, but also to finish off your instant messenger chat sessions by sending really awesome animated goodbye smiley faces and icons which can have a lasting impression on your friends and contacts. Sometimes it's really hard to say goodbye but make it easier on yourself by adding some fun icons and let them say bye for you! These waving animations are great for your Facebook and MSN (AKA Windows Live Messenger) chats. Did you know that you can also insert them in your email communications? You can post them on your favorite forums too. Just get the HTML codes for them and you're done. Have fun!

goodnight smiley
i'm outta here bye bye smiley
I'm Outta Here Bye Bye
monkey waving smiley
Monkey waving
goodbye tears smiley
Goodbye tears
baby waving bye bye smiley
Baby Waving Bye Bye
good night smiley
Good Night
speech bubble bye smiley
Speech Bubble Bye
panda wave smiley
Panda wave
hot girl waving smiley
Hot Girl Waving
saying bye smiley
Saying Bye
have a nice day smiley
Have a Nice Day
teary eyes waving bye smiley
Teary Eyes Waving Bye
blue bye-bye smiley
Blue Bye-Bye
moon and star good night smiley
Moon and Star Good Night
bon voyage smiley
Bon voyage
sleepy goodnight smiley
Sleepy GoodNight
morphing hand bye text smiley
Morphing Hand BYE Text
sexy girl waving smiley
Sexy girl waving
sleeping cap good night smiley
Sleeping Cap Good Night
good night with text smiley
Good Night with Text
bye smiley
good night candle smiley
Good Night Candle
late night moon waving goodbye smiley
Late Night Moon Waving Goodbye
saying goodbye smiley
Saying Goodbye
sweet dreams smiley
Sweet Dreams
tearing goodbye smiley
Tearing Goodbye
white puppy waving smiley
White Puppy waving
hi and bye smiley
Hi and Bye
crying goodbye smiley
Crying Goodbye
train goodbye smiley
Train goodbye
morphing butterfly bye smiley
Morphing Butterfly Bye
funny fat guy waves smiley
Funny Fat Guy Waves
sweet crab waving smiley
Sweet Crab Waving
clipart bye smiley
Clipart Bye
super hero flying away smiley
Super hero flying away
good night glitter text smiley
Good Night Glitter Text
night time smiley
Night Time
saying bye bye smiley
Saying bye bye
adorable dolphin says bye bye smiley
Adorable Dolphin Says Bye Bye
sad to say bon voyage smiley
Sad to Say Bon Voyage
cyclop alien waving hello smiley
Cyclop Alien Waving Hello
crying sad waving bye smiley
Crying Sad Waving Bye
fat panda bear waves bye smiley
Fat Panda Bear Waves Bye
alien waving smiley
Alien waving
yellow star waves smiley
Yellow Star Waves
sexy guy waving smiley
Sexy Guy waving
waving sad bye smiley
Waving Sad Bye
cute bear smiley
Cute Bear
dancing penguin waving bye smiley
Dancing Penguin Waving Bye
sexy woman waving bye smiley
Sexy Woman Waving Bye
penguin waving goodbye smiley
Penguin Waving Goodbye
cute mole saying hello smiley
Cute Mole saying hello
not happy to say bye bye smiley
Not Happy to Say Bye Bye
sexy hulk says bye smiley
Sexy Hulk Says Bye
grumpy grandpa waving bye smiley
Grumpy Grandpa Waving Bye
flashing bye smiley
Flashing Bye
cute whale waving hello smiley
Cute Whale waving Hello
sad to say goodbye smiley
Sad to Say Goodbye
girl saying goodbye smiley
Girl Saying Goodbye
fat pirate waving smiley
Fat Pirate Waving
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Recent Comments:

Code no longer works when I paste it. Can't figure it out.

in panda wave on 06 Mar, 2022

As blue as it can get with saying goodbye...

in cute blue... on 15 Mar, 2021

Love them all!!! Will have chances to use them all I think.

in sleepy... on 20 Nov, 2019

These puppy emojis won't save to emoticon palette. Only the link.

in white puppy... on 22 Jul, 2019

It doesn't show up in my text box.

in sleepy... on 24 Nov, 2018
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