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Love Creatures emoticons

The Love Creatures are a set of animated emoticons that are shaped like hearts. The set contains 15 unique emoticons that express different feelings and emotions. They're perfect for using in your conversations w

waiting emoticon
sick emoticon
heart playing guitar emoticon
Heart playing guitar
sad crying heart emoticon
Sad crying heart
surprised heart emoticon
Surprised heart
laughing heart emoticon
Laughing heart
devil heart emoticon
Devil heart
angry heart emoticon
Angry heart
winking heart emoticon
Winking heart
sleeping heart emoticon
Sleeping heart
running heart emoticon
Running heart
heart sticks out tongue emoticon
Heart sticks out tongue
nerd heart emoticon
Nerd heart
shocked heart emoticon
Shocked heart
thinking heart emoticon
Thinking heart

There are 15 emoticons in the Love Creatures emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

The breaking heart emoji looks so sad:(

in winking heart on 07 Sep, 2021

Heart emojis are the best; I use them a lot.

in angry heart on 21 Jul, 2017

Waiting for you to come out of shell!

in waiting on 11 Feb, 2016

Sorry nerds out there😥

in nerd heart on 20 Feb, 2015

My heart rocks for you my baby!

in heart... on 14 Feb, 2015

Heart emoticons

This set features a series anthropomorphic hearts that do various things and display certain emotions. The red heart smiley has little hands and feet along with a variety of accessories that are used in the animations. These icons can be very useful in regular conversations as they feature everyday expressions (such as anger and happiness) and activities (such as exercising or sleeping). While these emoticons were originally created for use on Valentine's Day, they can be used at any time of the year to show your love. Keep in mind that not all of them can be used in a romantic context, so pick wisely.

Another great thing about this emoticon set is the quality of the design and animations. These cute little critters are bursting with color and come to life on your screen with a soft touch of love and kindness. Everything from the facial expressions to the selection of colors has been well executed, making for a lovely set of free emoticons to be enjoyed by everyone.

While this emoticon set was originally designed for use with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, you can also use them anywhere else using the emoticon codes we provide. If you're a Live Messenger use, you can also use the official emoticon installer to install these icons into your Messenger. Go here to download the automatic installer.

We've got quite an extensive collection of love smileys which we highly recommend you to check out, you won't regret it. You can explore the rest of our emoticons using the emoticon menu or use the search feature to hunt down specific icons. We sincerely hope that you enjoy using these emoticons.

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