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Miss you smileys

Are you missing someone and need a smiley face to show it? These free animated emoticons are perfect for the job. Use wonderful smileys or a miss you emoticon from here to tell your loved one how much they mean to you! We really hope you like them.

i miss you smiley
I Miss You
i miss you teddy bear smiley
I Miss You Teddy Bear
i miss you text smiley
I Miss You text
miss you sign smiley
Miss You sign
i really miss you smiley
I really miss you
miss u smiley
Miss U
miss you puppy smiley
Miss You Puppy
miss you envelope smiley
Miss You envelope
miss you hearts smiley
Miss You hearts
i wish you were here smiley
I wish you were here
missing you smiley
Missing You
i miss you button smiley
I Miss You button
i miss u smiley
I miss u
smiley says i miss you smiley
Smiley says I miss you
miss you letter smiley
Miss You letter
miss u girl smiley
Miss U girl
miss you smiley
Miss You

There are 17 emoticons in the Miss you smileys pack.

Recent Comments:

Wishing you were here

in i miss you... on 20 Jan, 2017

How do you do it if you want to put an emoticon to an email?

in i miss you on 28 May, 2016

Aww the cute lion says "I miss you" I miss you, Zia Elda when you were...

in miss you on 24 Feb, 2016

Waaaooooooo... it's Awesome!

in miss you... on 11 Feb, 2016

Hope you feel better soon

in i miss you on 23 Nov, 2015
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