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Drug emoticons

Looking for drug emoticons? Check out these bad boy emoticons who have taken up smoking, taking drugs and weed! These animated smileys and emoticons are free to download and install.

weed emoticon
stoned emoticon
smileys getting high emoticon
Smileys getting high
weed to joint emoticon
Weed to Joint
snorting cocaine emoticon
Snorting cocaine
glitter weed emoticon
Glitter weed
weed light effects emoticon
Weed Light Effects
smiley smoking a bong emoticon
Smiley smoking a bong
cocaine sniffing emoticon
Cocaine sniffing
smiley rolling a joint emoticon
Smiley rolling a joint
joint emoticon
smiley smoking a cigar emoticon
Smiley smoking a cigar
smoking hookah emoticon
Smoking Hookah
cigarette smoking emoticon
Cigarette smoking
smoking smiley emoticon
Smoking smiley
spinning weed emoticon
Spinning weed
i need drugs emoticon
I need drugs
cigar emoticon
passing joint emoticon
Passing Joint
cigarette emoticon
smoking msn emoticon
Smoking MSN
bong emoticon
hookah emoticon
weed sign emoticon
Weed Sign
no smoking emoticon
No Smoking
getting stoned emoticon
Getting stoned
smoking pimp emoticon
Smoking pimp
smoking emoticon
smiley face with cigar emoticon
Smiley face with cigar
smoking smiley face emoticon
Smoking smiley face
monkey with glasses smoking emoticon
Monkey With Glasses Smoking
smoking banana emoticon
Smoking banana
smiley face with cigarette emoticon
Smiley face with cigarette
chill pill emoticon
Chill Pill
cigarette butt emoticon
Cigarette butt
cigarette emoticon
cigar smoker emoticon
Cigar smoker
ecstasy emoticon
smoking rapper emoticon
Smoking rapper
this is your brain on drugs emoticon
This is Your Brain on Drugs

There are 40 emoticons in the Drug emoticons pack.

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in weed on 04 Jul, 2019

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in smiley... on 04 Jun, 2019

Copy and paste people. Copy and paste ...

in smiley... on 28 May, 2019

Kool keep up the good work

in chill pill on 07 Feb, 2019

How do I save this drugs emoji for fb?

in i need drugs on 30 Nov, 2018

Smoking emoticons

Now hold on for a second; we just want to make it clear that smoking cigarettes, weed and other drugs is bad for you. We certainly don't encourage anyone to become a smoker or drug user.

These emoticons aren't about how bad you are or want to be, they're about showing some attitude. It doesn't matter if you've never smoked in your life, you can still use these smileys and emoticons for a virtual smoke; it's probably a much healthier way of expressing yourself. Use these weeded and drugged up emoticons to momentarily alter your online persona, no real harm done.

Instead of looking for trouble, use these rude emoticons to misbehave and take drugs over MSN Messenger! You should also be cautious in who you show these emoticons to, they might think you're being serious if they don't have a sense of humor. You might love these rude smileys because they're funny according to your sense of humor, but not everyone else will think so; you've had your friendly warning!

We've got all sorts of drug emoticons, weed smileys and smoking icons. These animated emoticons are free to download and can be installed into MSN Messenger or the newer Windows Live Messenger. We've also provided HTML codes that can be used to post these emoticons and smileys on websites and forums.

If you're a smoker, we urge you to quit. Try to lead a smokeless life in order to live long and healthy. The same goes for other types of drugs, including weed.

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