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Smoking MSN Emoticon

Smoking MSN emoticon
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This is a remixed MSN emoticon. One of the default MSN emoticons has been edited and a joint has been added! It looks really well and blends in perfectly with the rest of your emoticons in MSN and Live messenger. It's a pity that it's not animated.

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User comments (14)

Anonymous said:09 Dec '17

Smoking MSN emoji is really nice...

Anonymous said:05 Aug '17

How do I get smoking hot smileys? They are very funny.

wonderer said:13 Nov '12

How could I add these to my skype???

Smoking Guru! said:17 Jul '11

smoking is bad for our health but man you look so cool!! Who am I without my cigar in my hand! I can't go out without it because I'd be very uncomfortable! it gives me self-confidence!!! because I'm a loser!! Ha ha ha ha!! these are the confessions of a no-self-worth person who thinks he'd look cool if he smoked in public or in company of his friends! trying hard to hide his empty inside. I'm Serious!! I'm hiding my shallow personality behind the smokes I create with my cigarettes!! ;)

Ganja Man said:10 Feb '11

He is so high that he is just staring blankly at the sky haha... actually he looks just like me!!

Hello_Kitty..No.1FAN said:03 Nov '10

lmfaoo ow funni is tht but a dunno how too save themm !! :|| xxxx

Anonymous said:13 Oct '10

how do you save them?!

HELL-O said:08 Jun '10

Hey... :), watcha doing? looking for smoking emoticons?

Anonymous said:14 Feb '10

hahahahahahahaha "you wont get a boyfriend" hahahahahahaha, grow up love!

helloo :) said:22 Nov '09

smoking is bad! people die of cancer and lung cancer, and you will get yellow teeth! and you will smell and you won't get a boyfriend or girlfriend!

Anonymous said:05 Oct '09

roflmaoo thats fnnny

Anonymous said:04 Sep '09

waaa is the smokin code

Anonymous said:15 Mar '09

OHHHHH, screw people who say No Smoking, they have no life. all you b*****s out there listen, god help people who need help! who decides who can smoke and who can't? for me i can't smoke but my brother and sis they can coz god let them smoke...

Anonymous said:27 Nov '08

S.W.E.D forever, yes i'm chill all day.

Details for smoking msn

Suggested shortcut: ;smoke3
Tags: Smoke, Joint, Msn, Smoking
Filename: msn.gif

  • The Smoking MSN emoticon is Static
  • Smoking MSN icon file size: 1.11 kB (1140)
  • Added on 20 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

It's a GIF image measuring 19 by 19 pixels and has 143 colors.

Codes for Smoking MSN

To use the Smoking MSN icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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