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Sorry emoticons

No one is perfect. As humans we make lots of mistakes which we regret later and have to apologize for our errors and wrong judgment calls. We all are experiential beings; we live and we learn by our experiences and our mistakes. When the things go wrong we have to say sorry to those who become affected by our wrong-doings. So do not hold back and use this magic word genuinely and graciously and it will have huge impact on the quality of your relationship with others. That's absolutely guaranteed. You can use our free smileys and emoticons to do the job for you as well. Send these guys to ask for forgiveness and express your regret. Send them on Facebook, MSN, Skype, emails, blogs or even emails. We hope you like them!

cute kitten sorry smiley
Cute Kitten Sorry
forgive me smiley
Forgive me
sad puppy smiley
Sad Puppy
sad and sorry smiley
Sad and Sorry
curly lips sorry smiley smiley
Curly Lips Sorry Smiley
i'm very sorry smiley
I'm Very Sorry
i'm sorry smiley
I'm Sorry
really sorry smiley
Really Sorry
regret smiley
crying and sorry little monkey smiley
Crying and Sorry Little Monkey
sorry apology smiley
Sorry Apology
terribly sorry smiley
Terribly Sorry
very sorry smiley
Very Sorry
cute sorry smiley
Cute Sorry
apology smiley
apology smiley
kitten sorry smiley
Kitten Sorry
sorry and curly lips smiley
Sorry and Curly Lips
tearful apology smiley
Tearful Apology
sorry face smiley
Sorry Face
sorry look smiley
Sorry Look
sorry smiley
sorry blue smiley
Sorry Blue
crying sorry smiley
Crying Sorry
scnr: sorry could not resist smiley
SCNR: Sorry Could Not Resist

There are 25 emoticons in the Sorry emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

I'm a boy and love kitten emojis. Does that make me abnormal? A bit girlish?

in kitten sorry on 15 Jul, 2017

It's OK kitty you don't need to say sorry you did nothing wrong. :}

in kitten sorry on 14 Jul, 2017

Please forgive me. I was insensitive, selfish and I was an a##hole. Your...

in very sorry on 02 Jul, 2017

I am sorry Sravanthi... I hope this sad emoji will express what I feel inside.

in sad and sorry on 20 Oct, 2016

I need all the sad and sorry emojis in the world right now. Might help with...

in sad and sorry on 25 Jul, 2016

Sorry smileys

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